jacquemus x nike jf1 sneaker

Can we have a brief moment for the new Jacquemus x Nike JF1 sneaker?

The expectations were high after the news of a soon-to-be-released Jacquemus x Nike sneaker in February 2023. Today the model was released as “A hybrid of the very famous AIR FORCE 1 and the NIKE ACG TERRA, one of my fav shoes ever from Nike,” Simon Porte Jacquemus explained. On the internet, opinions are mixed.

Cover photo: courtesy of Jacquemus, shot by Vivianne Sassen

Jacquemus x Nike JF1

Everything Simon Jacquemus touches turns into gold, and when his first collaboration with Nike launched last year, his website crashed and has never truly been back on track ever since. The company is said to struggle with massive demand after several successful collections and collaborations, and riding the high tide hasn’t ended. Jacquemus’ story is an incredible one; he ditched fashion school when his mother passed away at a young age. It showed him that life could be over in a split second and that pursuing his dreams didn’t mean finishing fashion academy but rather creating a vision and a brand. Jacquemus has been on a lift ever since. He launched a bunch of successful collaborations and new directions, one of which is “Jacquemus Objets”, following Hermès’ popular line.

Mixed reviews

On June 13th, a new Jacquemus x Nike collab will launch – available on Jacquemus’ website. While the previous collection marked a historical moment in fashion, opinions on the Jacquemus x Nike JF1 – an interpretation of Nike’s AirForce1 sneaker – are mixed. “More black Air Force 1?” read one comment on Nike’s post. Another person wondered whether the quality would be higher than those of previous collaborations. Comments like “Easy on my wallet, Simon, please!” were in the majority, though. Attentive fans know that today wasn’t the first time the Jacquemus x Nike AF1 sneakers were shown. In a video about his preparations for the Met Gala Jacquemus shared earlier this month, the shoes were clearly visible. With his items being sold out in seconds, it’s a great idea to mark your agenda. July 13th, 2 pm CET it is. Fan or no fan, these shoes were made for walking – and display. A great investment and return on money are guaranteed. After all, everything Simon touches turns into gold, and this collaboration won’t be an exception.