Pavlina Jauss

Interview: fashion designer Pavlina Jauss on the magic of stones

Pavlina Jauss is working hard to create timeless and high quality garments, made from the finest materials. With an eye for detail like no other, Jauss’s collections come close to perfection. We had a quick chat with the designer about her latest collection.

Cover photo: © Oxford Fashion Studio

Pavlina Jauss

Pavlina Jauss moved from Lovech to Hamburg when she started at the famous Akademie JAK in the year 2000. In 2014, the doors of her own opened with a direct-to-consumer model and since then the rest is history: the brand is now represented in various boutiques, dark-wear stores and shops worldwide. She’s always had a love for fashion and it still is very important to her. “Fashion means a lot to me as I am surrounded by fabrics, buttons and all these things for hours each day.

European craftsmanship

European craftsmanship is an important part of Pavlina Jauss’s collections. On top of this, exquisite, fair-trade and sustainable materials take the lead. Within her independent studio and atelier, Jauss creates al garments in Hamburg, Germany, except for the knitwear, which she sources at Bulgaria.

Pavina Jauss
© Oxford Fashion Studio, Pavlina Jauss

All materials are as natural as possible, just as the main source of inspiration for Pavlina Jauss’s latest collection: “The textures and silhouettes of stones were my main inspiration.” And of course, stones have a deeper meaning for the fashion designer. She adds: “Stones last forever, like this world could last forever if sustainability would be important to everyone like it should.

Jauss could be described as a down-to-earth realist, with a big fantasy. When talking about her role models, she says: “My role models are people who walk the talk, take action and try to be themselves without being selfish or arrogant.

Just as her role models, her answer about her near future is equally straightforward: “Still designing my own garments and try to make my customers happy.” It doesn’t have to be complicated, after all.

Oxford Fashion Studio

Eitan Broude is part of Oxford Fashion Studio (OFS), which puts independent fashion designers on the map. According to OFS, these independent designers have an important and integer story to tell, deserving international exposure. As a singular collective, Oxford Fashion Studio is the only organization showcasing independent design talent in every fashion capital in the world.

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