Interview: fashion designer Eitan Broude about spreading (unconventional) beauty

Eitan Broude launched his eponymous fashion label in 2019, after graduating from Curtin University as one of the best student’s of his graduation year. Since the launch of his brand, Broude has been combining haute couture with influences of streetwear. It results in a refreshingly minimalistic and original collection. What’s even more inspiring, is the story behind it. We had a chat with the designer about his inspiration and spreading unconventional beauty.

Cover photo: © Oxford Fashion Studio

Eitan Broude

Eitan Broude is a relatively new kid in the scene. A promising one. Being one of the best student’s of his graduation year, he has designed a terrific collection based on the sky. This might sound woolly to many, but it was as clear as the sky for Broude. “For countless generations, we have looked up, stared in wonder, and drawn our inspirations down from it. Sky encapsulates the awe-inspiring feeling of pausing for a moment and lifting one’s gaze.” In line with this, his inspiration mainly came from the rich colors and the fluctuating ripples. Broude is fascinated by the way in which the sky can create a certain sphere.

“I want to spread all types of beauty with my collection, not just the conventional form.”

Eitan Broude
© Oxford Fashion Studio, Eitan Broude

Spreading beauty

While the sky seems the limit for his collection, there is more. “I want to spread beauty with my collection. Not always conventional beauty, but all types. There are so many wonderful things in this world that so often do not get the attention they deserve. I want to shine a light on these finer things and show people that there is more out there.

Meaning of fashion

Besides spreading beauty, Eitan Broude thinks fashion is used as a way to express oneself. “Fashion has so many different meanings to me. One day it can mean wearing something that makes me look like I’m ten times comfier and cooler than everyone else, and other days its all about sacrificing comfort to look your absolute best. I think at the end of the day fashion is a way of expressing yourself, and for me that changes on a daily.

“Fashion is a way of expressing yourself, and for me that changes on a daily basis.”

Eitan Broude
© Oxford Fashion Studio, Eitan Broude

This change of style doesn’t hold for his role model. “My role model has always been Karl Largerfeld. He exuded this sense of luxury like no other. Everything around him had to look gorgeous and it was all about the aesthetics. I relate to that on a deep emotional level.

At last, we are wondering what Eitan Broude’s future will look like. “I see myself being deeply involved in the fashion industry, and more specifically would love to be part of a creative directing team, but also still very much being involved in designing.

Broude’s enthusiasm works contagious and we’re sure we will be hearing a lot more from this young designer.

Eitan Broude
© Oxford Fashion Studio, Eitan Broude

Oxford Fashion Studio

Eitan Broude is part of Oxford Fashion Studio (OFS), which puts independent fashion designers on the map. According to OFS, these independent designers have an important and integer story to tell, deserving international exposure. As a singular collective, Oxford Fashion Studio is the only organization showcasing independent design talent in every fashion capital in the world.

In this Oxford Fashion Studio series, we shed light on several independent designers to share their story. In this way we support them to flourish internationally.

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