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Faye Dunaway is the new and inspiring face of Gucci at age 77

Faye Dunaway is the shining star of Gucci’s newest campaign, but is mostly honored for her successful acting career. Read everything about Alessandro Michele’s (Gucci, red.) new muse below.  

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Faye Dunaway as Gucci’s muse

The renewed #GucciSylvie bag fades away in its own campaign, because of the great sparkle of Gucci’s latest muse: Faye Dunaway. This ultimate lady of style is already 77 years old and still kicking ass. We can’t get enough of it.

It feels like a new trend: using celebrities – who used to fill the red carpets back in the days – for fashion campaigns. Think of Joan Didion for Céline and Joni Mitchell for Saint Laurent.

Petra Collins was the creative mind that captured this already famous Gucci campaign. In this short movie, Faye Dunaway plays the role of the mother of French singer Soko. The mother and daughter fill their days with shopping at Rodeo Drive, playing the piano and lounging at the perfect swimming pool. The third important character in the short movie is – of course – the Gucci Sylvie bag.

Faye Dunaway’s younger years

But what about Faye? She has been around for years, so what do we know about this incredible woman of age? Dunaway grew up in Florida, where she spent a lot of her younger years by herself, having a heavy-drinking father and an absent mother. Despite this situation, Dunaway knew she wanted to become an actress at a very young age. At age 27, she starred in Bonnie & Clyde, for which she beat Jane Fonda and Natalie Wood. The movie became a huge success and made her first Oscar nomination a fact. Amongst others, she also played big roles in Mommie Dearest, Chinatown and the Thomas Crown Affair.

Despite her complicated characters, Dunaway describes herself as an easily shattered personality. Often, she ran away from confrontations and relationships, when they were about to hurt her. She was married twice, but says she is a real “loner”. She enjoys being all by herself and to fully focus on her work. That’s why she likes to deep dive into a movie character and fully immerse herself with al its habits and peculiarities.

Dunaway’s signature style

Faye Dunaway didn’t only get noticed because of her talent for acting, but also for her sense of style. Big sunglasses, wide hats and other pieces that enhance her “California casual style” form some of her signature looks, while on the red carpet she likes to dress up with brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Saint Laurent. A true classy lady, if you ask us. We admire her elegance and fierceness, which defines her no matter what age she reaches.

Check out captures of a younger Faye Dunaway below. We only have three words for them: stunning, sexy and incredible.

#FayeDunaway as #Sandy in #TheHappening #1967 #FRIDAY

Een bericht gedeeld door Daniel Gaines (@dzgaines) op

#FayeDunaway as #Sandy in #TheHappening #1967 #FRIDAY

Een bericht gedeeld door Daniel Gaines (@dzgaines) op

Quite impressive, don’t you think? Also check out our other sections about inspiring brands and kick ass women.

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