Karl Lagerfeld's last show for Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld’s last show for Chanel and its historic minute of silence

Karl Lagerfeld‘s last show for Chanel was a special one during Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019. Tout de la crème of the fashion incrowd was there to show their respect to the iconic designer.

Karl Lagerfeld’s last show for Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld’s last show for Chanel took place at Le Grand Palais. A location designer Karl Lagerfeld used to love to present his shows. His phenomenal view on fashion was again magnificent and had a double meaning this time. It caused mixed feelings, together with a nostalgic vibe.

Chanel’s winter wonder land

Karl Lagerfeld’s last show for Chanel took place in a kind of winter wonder land. Models walked the snowy runway, covered in the iconic tweet of the fashion house, colored in bright colors as well as black and white, while wearing snow-resistant boots. It was a true spectacle, as we’re used to from Karl.

Minute of silence

According to some people in the know, Karl Lagerfeld has stated that he didn’t want a big ceremonie at his last show. He just wanted it to be about what he loved the most: fashion. Chanel’s guests received an invite with a sketch of both Karl Lagerfeld and Gabrielle Chanel, accompanied by the sentence “The beat goes on.” A firm statement that indicates that Chanel will continue business as usual, while respecting Lagerfeld. Furthermore there was one minute of complete silence, to honor the king of fashion. Karl Lagerfeld’s last show for Chanel shows that we may have said goodbye to one of the greatest designers of our time, but proves that his heritage will live in our hearts forever.

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