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Nyden: the brand that fades the rules of fashion

Nyden fashion – Get to know Nyden, the latest descendent of the H&M Group. This self-claimed ‘first affordable luxury brand’ for both men and women offers small collections, co-created with artistic tastemakers who want to tell a story with their designs. Every collection – which they preferably refer to as ‘drop’ rather than collection or season – has a unique story, told by a creative co-creator. Discover everything of this new millennial brand that fades the rules of fashion.

Oscar Olsson: the creative mind behind Nyden

We can state that Nyden is an influencer-centric brand. Targeted at millenials, it is centered on ‘drops’ of clothes that are co-created with famous personalities: from a singer to a soccer player or a tattoo artist – they all have their very own view on fashion.

But who is the creative mind behind this rule-breaking and refreshing brand? It is sir Oscar Olsson. Despite his absence on many social media (he only shares his Snapchat account with inmates), he knows how to respond to the growing importance of influencers for a brand. Actually, he states that there is no future for fashion brands. All brands will be taken over by tribes, with their own defining tribe leaders. Brands won’t hold the power anymore. The power lies in the tribes who wear it.

According to Olsson, “the future fashion is about credibility, authenticity and personality”. Exactly what Nyden is about. He has done extensive research about the future of shopping and consumer behavior. This was one of his findings, which he immediately incorporated in this new H&M brand.

The Solid leather jacket ?

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Relevant drops

As stated on the website, Nyden doesn’t work with collections or traditional fashion seasons. On the contrary, it reveals ‘relevant drops and events’, collaborating with inspiring people from the music or art scene: individuals who have their own style and identity, including a strong opinion on fashion or society in its broadest form.

The ‘drops’ are only sold on Nyden’s website, on exclusive events or pop-up stores.


The co-creators are invited to Nyden’s design lab at LA, where they are exposed to a load of pre-defined fabrics that are based on H&M’s consumer insights. Then, the design process takes about a month from that point. However, Nyden is not about fast fashion – it doesn’t follow the traditional fashion seasons and doesn’t do anything with trends. It just knows what works and let the ‘tribe leader’ do its creative job, while facilitating the right circumstances.

So, with whom has Nyden co-created so far? To be honest: not the least. For spring 2019, Nyden has set up a co-creation with Jérôme Boateng, a famous German soccer player. He wanted to incorporate his fearlessness into fashion and to make the wearers feel unbeatable; expressing them in the ways they want.

Another big name amongst their co-creators is the British Dua Lipa. She aims to create designs that enhance your self-expression, because she thinks that is what clothes are about. It is very important that her clothes reflect her strength she has at the moment she wears it. The collection will be suited at the artist herself and her fans, as she stated on the Nyden website.

Nyden just announced another big co-creation with the famous tattoo artist Dr. Woo. With clients such as Drake and Cara Delevigne, he has the right drawing skills and steady hand that are a nice to have when designing clothes. The collection will be made from bold fabrics that will become even prettier and more soulful after you’ve been wearing it. That’s what he loves about fashion: “Timeless pieces that wear better with time and age.”

Future-shaping brand

Despite that the future of this fascinating and inspiring brand is unknown, they have a strong statement about what they want to achieve: they “believe in empowering creativity to redefine the future”. For now, they are changing the traditional fashion landscape and we can say with no doubt that the best is yet to come.

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We will keep you posted.