copenhagen fashion week schedule 2024

This season’s Copenhagen Fashion Week schedule is filled with surprises

The official Copenhagen Fashion Week schedule has arrived. Where the week traditionally opens with a great selection of new talents, it won’t close this year with GANNI and its legendary afterparty. Here’s everything to know about the 2024 CPHFW schedule.

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The Copenhagen Fashion Week schedule 2024 has arrived

Mark your calendar: the Copenhagen Fashion Week dates and schedule have been announced. From Monday, January 29th to Thursday, February 2nd, the Danish capital city will be filled with a fashion-forward crowd worldwide looking for the newest sustainable talent the fashion week offers. On Monday, Nicklas Skovgaard will kick off the week with a show that is one to watch. His dresses receive worldwide praise, with last season’s show as one of CPHFW’s highlights. On the final day, however, an important name is missing: there’s no sign of GANNI, traditionally closing Copenhagen Fashion Week – including an afterparty that will be the talk of the town. Chances are that GANNI will move its show to Paris or refrain from showing. After all, that would be the most sustainable option. The great news is that Han Kjòbenhavn, usually part of the Milan Fashion Week schedule, is moving its show to its home base as the second last performance on Thursday. Forza Collective and J.Lindeberg debut on the official CPHFW calendar as well, sort of compensating GANNI’s big miss. Find the official Copenhagen Fashion Week schedule for 2024 below.

Discover the official Copenhagen Fashion Week schedule

Monday, January 29th

03.00 pm – Nicklas Skovgaard

04.00 pm – Alextra Rotschild / Masculina

05.00 pm – Forza Collective

06.00 pm – Won Hundred

07.00 pm – Saks Potts

Tuesday, January 30th

10.00 am – Joao Marashin

11.00 am – Rolf Ekroth

12.00 pm – Aeron

01.00 pm – Stamm

03.00 pm – Lovechild 1979

04.00 pm – Vain

05.00 pm – Remain

06.00 pm – Alpha

07.00 pm – J.Lindeberg

Wednesday, January 31st

11.00 am – OpéraSport

12.00 pm – Skall Studio

01.00 pm – The Garment

03.00 pm – Wood Wood

04.00 pm – Mfpen

05.00 pm – Stine Goya

06.00 pm – Henrik Vibskov

07.00 pm – Baum und Pferdgarten

Thursday, February 1st

10.00 am – TG Botanical

11.00 am – Munthe

12.00 pm – Gestuz

01.00 pm – Mark Kenly Domino Tan

03.00 pm – Marimekko

04.00 pm – Deadwood

05.00 pm – Helmstedt

06.00 pm – Han Kjøbenhavn

07.00 pm – Rotate

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