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Bottega Veneta just compiled the perfect Christmas gift collection

Bottega for Bottegas – does Christmas get any better than this? Just when you thought you knew what to put on your Christmas wishlist, Bottega Veneta dropped Bottega for Bottegas: a Christmas gift collection full of artisanal products handmade in Italy.
Cover photo: courtesy of Bottega Veneta

Bottega for Bottegas

“During this festive period, we have decided to introduce you to other Italian workshops, the Bottegas, magnificent establishments that portray the best of Italian creativity. Discover the wonderful world of Italian excellence,” the brand explains in a statement. And just like that, the cult brand drops one of the hottest gift collections of the holiday season, right after the announcement of the departure of Daniel Lee and the appointment of his successor, Matthieu Blazy.

Courtesy of Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta’s Christmas selection

Bottega Veneta breathes Italian craftsmanship, just like the selected products for the Christmas collection. With this initiative, Bottega Veneta sheds light on Italian’s finest of all sorts. Take for example the Krumiri Rossi: legend has it that the famous Italian biscuits were born in the kitchen of Dominico Rossi right after the unification of Italy in Piemonte in 1871. Among many others, Bill Clinton is a huge fan. Just like Krumiri Rossi, Bottega Veneta sheds light on other artisanal bottegas based in Italy, matching the rationale behind the brand. It’s a logical step. Last season we saw an increased focus on craft at all high-end fashion brands. With Prada’s SS22 collection the influences of haute couture were very visible, with Tod’s the details of the ready-to-wear collection were superb and with Sportmax, we saw ball lines and influences of ballet – all made with the most precise handicraft.

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On top of this, LVMH announced that they will be massively hiring Gen Z from next year on. The board declared that they want to attract younger talents to train them in becoming specialists – mainly in the field of ancient handicrafts. Going back to craftsmanship is more than a trend. Last year has shed light on the need to cherish the old; trends from previous decennia revive, craftsmanship gets more and more important and many designer labels move back to their heritage, focussing on the core of what they’ve become famous for. It’s a bold move in uncertain times like these when the (financial) future is uncertain. And that’s precisely why Bottega’s move is so great: it draws attention to typical Italian delicacies and masterpieces – companies that could use an extra helping hand. And when you throw a green Bottega layer over it, at least one thing is certain: it will sell out immediately.

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