best of new york fashion week

Best of New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020

Looking for the best of New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020? Then look no further, since it’s listed up here. Now that New York Fashion Week has officially come to an end, it’s about time to summarize the best shows, trends and moments. Check them out below.

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Best of New York Fashion Week

The list of great designers showing at London Fashion Week is endless. Feeling overwhelmed? You won’t feel so any longer after reading this list with solely the best of the best of New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020.

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1. Khaite – The feminine unique

Khaite’s collection was inspired by princess Stephanie of Monaco’s during the ’80s. Grace Kelly’s daughter, known for her extra-marital relationships and her long for freedom made her unique and much talked about. The same holds for Khaite’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection, shown at New York Fashion Week. It isn’t without reason that the collection is called “The Feminine Unique”. Where Khaite usually is known for its delicate basics, also known as “cherished items”, Catherine Holstein took a different approach for this collection.

Why is this our favorite look? This look truly belongs to the best of New York Fashion Week. With honoring princess Stephanie of Monaco, Holstein focuses on today’s unique forms of feminism.

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2. Longchamp – Blurring lines

A runway that evokes a blurring of times and the possibility of mixing and matching sophisticated pieces for the everyday active, on- the – go woman: a short summary of Longchamp’s ready to wear Spring/Summer 2020 collection. Creative director Sophie Delafontaine designs for modern women living in big cities. It makes the collection modern, chic, with hints to hippies and the ’70s and ’90s.

Why is this our favorite look? This look perfectly blends a modern lifestyle with femininity and the heritage of the fashion brand. It sophisticated, chic and powerful.

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3. Area – The future is near

Area’s show at New York Fashion Week was far from ready-to-wear. However, it was inspiring AF. Area showed a new take on chic. From flower-printed blazers to fringed suits: with some small adaptations they would look great at the office. All looks hinted to a futuristic state. One in which it’s not easy to move. Perhaps the collection didn’t hint to the future, but more to today’s society.

Why is this our favorite look? “I want to start thinking positively” were the words that repeatedly echoed across the space when this look arrived on the runway. It’s all about the future, isn’t it? This look incorporates both future days and today’s world, just as the chanted sentence.

4. Pyer Moss – Reclaiming the black experience in America

Pyer Moss smashed it with an unforgettable show. Therefore, he well deserves a spot on the list of best of New York Fashion Week. Right before Kerby Jean-Raymond’s Sunday night show, thousands of people were in line – from celebrities to influencers and fans who got lucky enough to get one of the 500 free tickets. His show, named “Sister” was the third of his trilogy and was dedicated to Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Tharpe was one of the godfathers of Rock ‘n’ Roll, while almost no one nowadays remembers her name. It robably has to do something with being a queer black woman performing in a church.

Why is this our favorite look? This look was about Kerby Jean-Raymond reclaiming the black experience in America. It is a very important moment in fashion, perhaps one of the most important fashion moments of the past decades.

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5. Collina Strada – Extravagance in real life

Hillary Taymour has been experimental with her designs during the past seasons. She’s tried themes such as self-love and meditation, to sound baths and chakra-balancing. However, these topics didn’t find the answers she was looking for. While questioning almost everything in today’s society, Taymour is just angry. No chakra-balancing or whatsoever will help anymore and therefore she created a funky protest against today’s society and political issues. Taymor didn’t only use her creations for this protest, but also an army of non-models a.k.a. friends, mothers and small children.

Why is this our favorite look? This look shows today’s extravagance in a new way. And it works. The overload of pink, extravagant sunglasses and witty trolly make a statement. Combine this look with the entire entourage and show and you get a wearable statement piece. Don’t be afraid to stand out.

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