amina muaddi

Brand we love – how Amina Muaddi got embraced by practically every taste-maker

As life passes by in a fast pace, season after season and year after year, there still are brands that make you want to slow down. Amina Muaddi is such a brand. As soon as you know the label, you won’t shop anywhere else for eccentric yet trend-defeating shoes. We guarantee you’ll be hooked to the surprising details, powerful lines and timeless aesthetic. Discover how Muaddi created the perfect balance between glamour, effortlessness and craftsmanship and a fashion-forward style.
Cover photo: © Amina Muaddi

Amina Muaddi

Amina Muaddi grew up between Jordan, Romania and Italy. During her youth, she has unconsciously been cherry-picking the best of every surrounding she lived in. It led to the development of her eponymous brand, recognized by every taste-maker around the world. After studying at the European Institute of Design in Milan and styling stints for many big magazines, the young designer found out that her creativity stretched further. Desiging shoes seemed to be the perfect translation of her creativity. As decisive as Muaddi is, she headed to to the Riviera del Brenta, Italy’s most famous shoe-making district.

Making shoes was a lot harder than it looked. However, she never thought of quitting and patiently worked on the development of every shoes’ fifty components. Soon after, she launched the brand Oscar Tiye in Milan but decided to move to Paris very quickly. It was one of the best decisions she could have made. In Paris, she worked with Alexandre Vauthier on the development of her eponymous shoe label. And that didn’t stay unnoticed: by the end of 2019, Amina Muaddi got asked by Rihanna herself to design the footwear for luxury Maison Fenty. On top of this, she got awarded designer of the year at the Footwear News Achievement Awards in New York.

Today, she’s turned her focus to her greatest project: Amina Muaddi the brand. Designed in Paris, produced in Italy, with an international heart. The perfect fit for today’s taste-maker.

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