Visual artist Shirin Abedinirad

Visual artist Shirin Abedinirad – a powerful woman behind breath taking installations

Meet visual artist Shirin Abedinirad – a woman who prefers to work with female curators, since she finds them more serious. Besides, Abedinirad is well known for her artistic installations, located at desolate places. Read everything about this interesting lady and her view on the Iranian art scene below.

Cover photo:© Shirin Abedinirad

Visual artist Shirin Abedinirad

Shirin Abedinirad hasn’t always had the dream to become a visual artist. Her parents have always encouraged her to draw and paint. However, after a study in graphic designer she didn’t feel connected to this work field. After she had finished her study, she went to Italy to become a model. However, she didn’t like the way she was treated and decided to become an artist instead of a model.

Abedinirad’s work

Abedinirad’s work is a blend of nature with architecture and her country’s heritage. She likes to play with the ancient Eastern history and earth as the source of life. With her simple, yet elegant mirror installations she connects the audience to the surroundings.

In her earliest work, she used pictures of herself. However, she doesn’t want to be linked with the installations at first sight. The audiences have to connect with it themselves. Furthermore, she deliberately decided not to use specific Iranian elements in her installation, such as the hijab. She doesn’t want to mingle this part of the Iranian culture with her art installations.

Aberdinirad’s installations play with light and movement, mainly through mirrors. Optical illusions are no exception. The installations are explorations of human issues and are focused on the relation between humans and nature. She uses desolate places for her installations, such as deserts and industrial surroundings. Reflections of the sky always form a pivotal point.

Breathtaking as they are, they are definitely worth a watch. Check out visual artist Shirin Aberdinirad’s website for her latest exhibitions.

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