fashion model Eveline Hall

Fashion model Eveline Hall – a not so common story about modeling at age 65

Ask fashion model Eveline Hall to sing a song for you and you’ll be speechless. Ask her about her acting skills and she’ll blow you away. Ask her about her dance moves and you won’t believe your eyes. Oh and on top of that, this lady is 73 years old. Wondering where the hell she gets this magnetic energy from? We figured this out, so you don’t have to. Read her full story below.

Fashion model Eveline Hall

Fashion model Eveline Hall has an interesting story to tell; from ballerina to showgirl in Vegas to singer and –eventually- fashion model. What drives this energetic lady?

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The start of her modeling career

Fashion model Eveline Hall felt that the fashion industry was changing, after a friend suggested she should give modeling a try. Despite she was already over 60 years old when she started this new career path; she soon became a huge success. Her first show was for Michael Michalsky during Berlin Fashion Week, and the next day she was the talk of town, including having her face on the covers of many newspapers. It came as a surprise to her, because the average age of the other models was about 16. However, she got noticed by many and posed for big names in the fashion photography scene, such as Peter Lindbergh, Patrick Demarchelier and many others.

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If this is not enough – Hall decided to start a singing career at her 72nd as well. Her debut album has hit the stores. In an interview with WowNow she explains that she likes to challenge herself. She finds it hard to stand still and she’s been lucky with many opportunities that came her way.

There are no age limits

According to her own words, as a fashion model Eveline Hall wants to inspire women and to prove that age shouldn’t be considered as a limit. She loves the way her face expresses her life and would never use botox.

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Regarding her fit condition, it comes at no surprise that she loves younger men. She doesn’t know what to do with older men or men of her age, she says. Younger men keep her full of energy and make her not feel 72 at all. And however she has past her 60ies, she feels better than ever. Let’s just pray we will look and feel the same at her age.

“One can be beautiful and sexy, but one can no longer be young.” – Eveline Hall



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