Allison Filice

Illustrator Allison Filice: capturing society in a psychedelic way

Meet illustrator Allison Filice, who manages to illustrate portaits with certain flair and to illustrate a dramatic and psyhedelic version of the world. She is able to depict a meditative state of the subject she draws. This has lead to big projects and illustrating big names such as Rihanna and the Knowles sisters. Read everything about this emerging talent below.

Cover photo: © Allison Filice

Illustrator Allison Filice

San Fransisco based illustrator Allison Filice started with a weekly portrait series in 2017, depicting great artists and philosophers. To name a few: Chomsky (her favorite), Picasso and Aristotle. Furthermore, she lets color and the mysteries of the universe inspire her. Her drawings range from psychedelic compositions to true-to-nature portraits. All drawn with the same, minimalistic and colored style. She would describe her own style as “friendly psychedelic”, with exception of some work she does for clients.


Filice finds inspiration from everything around her. Whether it is a color, a street or something she sees on TV: everything can be inspiring according to her. She translates these objects and sensations into surreal shapes and subjects, all very colourful. She likes to play with contradictions and opposing colors.

Furthermore, science fiction movies fascinate her, since it shows the unconventional sides of the universe, which inspires her endlessly. Besides science fiction, illustrators like Hergé (Tintin), Swarte and Moebius (worked for Burberry amongst others) have a big impact on her work.


When Filice gets a job, she starts with the search for the right picture to recreate in her work. The person she depicts should look calm and natural, not emotional. She looks for a certain state of mind, almost meditative. During the illustration process, she fades away unnecessary details and forms, only the defining lines remain. Despite this, it is incredible how Filice manages to make every person in an illustration very recognizable. She balances between showing one’s personality and keeping it very simple. A technique that has brought her very far.

Less is more and it definitely works for Allison Filice’s illustrations. She is curious for everything in the world, which inspires her to continue to do what she’s good at: illustrating an impressionist and psychedelic version of the people and the world around us. With just one year of experience, we expect to hear her name a lot during the coming years. We’ll keep you posted.


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