Ankle boots

Editor’s pick – new ankle boots: they are trans-seasonal and look good with every outfit

The new ankle boots – Wear them with pride and don’t be afraid to show some leg, cause ankle boots are too good to hide. Whether we’re in the middle of the summer or facing an ice cold winter: be smart and update your wardrobe with these trans-seasonal pieces. They are too good to leave in your closet, so put on that dress and get ready for summer (or winter and wear thick tights – best advice we can provide).

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How to style

Ankle boots are very easy to style. Just combine them with a great flowery dress or a minimalistic styled outfit. If you buy one thing this season, let it be bold ankle boots. Don’t be afraid to shine, honey.

1. Stella McCartney – go bold

Ecologically responsible and fashionable: who doesn’t like these Stella McCartney faux leather ankle boots? The cool and unexpected details make this boot stand out from others. They look very handsome with cropped pants or an oversized dress. Go bold or go home, baby.

2. Chloé – snake your way out

Cowboy meets snake meets fashion: how awesome are these Chloé boots? Don’t be afraid of prints and top them off with checks, flowers or stripes and you’ll be good to go. With these boots you won’t be able to sneak out at any party without getting caught.

3. Calvin Klein – snow white

White boots are great to have anyways, since they spice up every outfit. Don’t get us wrong: we don’t recommend to combine them with short leather skirts and low cut decolletés. Rather combine with an all-black outfit for ultimate style or go for the country vibe and put on your flower dress. However, if you like to wear them with hot pants, we would be the last ones to judge. You go girl, but watch out if you’ve got an office job.

4. Givenchy – cowboy on socks

Is it a sock? Is it a shoe? Before we met these amazing Givenchy boots, we had no clue leather could be this supple and soft. They spice up every style with a hint of Western, although they can be very classy as well. This is a typical case of boots every woman should own. What are you waiting for?

5. Ganni Nola – croc till you dropp

It’s time to show them ankles! How cool are these croc-style boys? They do their job very well on parties, but also don’t be afraid to wear them to work. Combine them with a light-colored linnen suit and you’ll be the fashion-boss of the day.

6. Alexander Wang – cut the crap

Timeless, simple, yet eye catching: meet the Alexander Wang cut out ankle boots. Who doesn’t instantly want to walk away with these boots? They look very cool with culottes and midi-skirts or dresses. No fuzz, just handsome boots.

7. Gucci – Gucci all the way

If we talk about true classics, we talk about these Gucci fringed ankle boots. Gucci as they are, they go with almost every outfit. Whether you’re more of the classic type or like to wear ripped jeans: they elevate every look. Need we say more?

8. Marc Jacobs – sweet mother of snakes

These Marc Jacobs babies are comfortable (halleluja, block heels!) and look as good underneath a pair of jeans as they do under a pleated skirt. The options are endless with these snake-printed babes.

9. Acne Studios – trash or très chic

Last but not least: Acne Studios’ iconic Jemma boots in white. It is common sense that Acne Studios is not only good at designing fantastic clothes and developing great looking jeans, but did you know their shoes are also mouth watering? These Jemma ankle boots come in both black and white and look good with every outfit: from feminine dresses to fringed jeans. Trash chic.