Summer 2018 sunglasses trends

Editor’s pick – summer 2018 fashionable sunglasses: from Gucci to Le Specs

Summer 2018 fashionable sunglasses – These fashionable sunglasses make you own every day, night or (pool)party. They are extraordinary, over the top and sometimes a bit tacky. But hey, we don’t have to take ourselves too seriously, right? 

1. Gucci – love is in the air

Nothing wrong with a bit of over-the-top love, right? This pair of fashionable sunglasses screams summer from its heart and soul. Do you dear to wear?

2. Saint Laurent – kitty catty chitty chatty

Forget the days when cat eyes were not done. Cause who doesn’t like these sweet kitty catty sunglasses? Wear them and own every situation, our best advice.

3. Ann Demeulemeester – genie in a bottle

For the ones who don’t want tan lines on their face: this very retro model of Ann Demeulemeester. Wear these sunglasses with pride and be the diva at every party, just as Christina back did in the days.

4. Le Specs – faster than the universe

These over-the-top and very fashionable sunglasses make you faster than the universe, be prepared. Le Specs knows about trends and this is definitely one: sunglasses inspired on the ones your dad used to wear when cycling – with a hint of fashion of course.

5. Céline – grandma gone wild

This is the one your grandma used to wear and you used to either hate or love. Collect childhood memories with this granny style treasure from Céline.

6. Acne Studios – rock ‘n’ roll

Go big or go home – the slogan that fits this pair of Acne Studios sunglasses. These cat eye and tortoise sunglasses, decorated with piercings. Perfectly suited for every festival or the day after. What else do we need to say?

A SEVENTIES TWIST /// new #adamselmanxlespecs ‘The International’ #sunglasses #lespecs

Een bericht gedeeld door Le Specs (@lespecs) op

7. Sartorial eyes – not so sweet

Bold, bright and beautiful – the best description we could come up with. Don’t you love these Sartorialeyes sunglasses? They look good at posh parties as well as on the beach of Ibiza. A multifunctional treasure if you ask us.

8. Oliver Peoples – tribute to Anastacia

Do you remember the good old Anastacia back in the days? Easily copy her sprock (soul, pop, rock, red.) style with these yellow sunglasses. They might not protect you against the sun very well, but hey, you can also wear them when the sun decides to hide itself. No need for an excuse.

9. Linda Farrow – fits with every mood

Besides that these sunglasses are very elegant and pretty, they work well on hangover days. These sunglasses are light enough to look someone in the eyes, without having to take it off. Do you get our point?

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