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The comeback of the untucked shirt (and our thoughts on it)

In this section, we discuss the revival of trends or it-pieces we’d never expect to make its comeback. We elaborate on the particular trend, tell our thoughts on it and offer you the best items for those who are convinced. And because we totally accept that this trend might not be for you, we also offer some alternatives. This edition: the untucked shirt. We can’t longer deny its revival.

The untucked shirt, a not so new trend

The untucked shirt – it’s a revived trend. Or maybe we could better call it a lifestyle. Can you remember the last time you didn’t tuck in your shirt? As jeans and pants in general high more and more high waisted, the credo seemed to be “tuck it in there or be square”. Well, this era has come to an end.

A new fashion era

So, why is the untucked shirt a recently often spotted phenomenon? Well, the fashion industry is finally loosening up. Boundaries are slowly fading away, unambiguous trends are non-existent and gender neutral garments are the new norm. Therefore, loose silhouettes form a logical next step. What do relaxed blouses, big sweaters and oversized hoodies have in common? They’re all unable to be tucked in, so don’t even try.

Comfortable fashion

We like the fact that this trend leads us to more comfortable fashion. Despite the saying “form over function” is still very popular in the fashion scene, comfort seems to be the new black. So, buy a pair of mid-waist pants, a loose shirt or blouse and go for it. If you still feel a bit uncomfortable while wearing this new chic, then add a pair of heels and you’ll be good to go.

Where to shop untucked shirts?

Where to shop these amazing big and comfortable shirts? We’ve listed the best items for you, so you don’t have to.

1. Balenciaga oversized blouse

untucked shirt
Source: Net-a-porter, Balenciaga

With an oversized, envelopped shape, this shirt is perfectly suited for new comers to this trend. Its silhouette is oversized yet feminine.

2. Victoria, Victoria Beckham shirt with tie detail

unticked shirt
Source: Net a porter, Victoria, Victoria Beckham

The tie detail of this shirt makes it playful. Don’t be put off by people staring at you, since this isn’t your average shirt. Queen Beckham knows how to create statement items that don’t scream out loud their statement entity and this blouse is a perfect example of it. Oh, and have we mentioned that it’s simply unable to tuck this one in?

3. Solid & Striped tropical blouse

untucked shirt
Source: Net a Porter, Solid & Striped

This tropical explosion doesn’t only look good on the beach, but also with your wide fit white jeans and a pair of boots or high heels. Even though it’s perfectly suited to tuck in, please don’t do so (or at least if you’re on team untucked).

4. Amiri oversized hoodie with tye-dye print

untucked shirt
Source: Net a Porter, Amiri

Mike Amiri is a LA native, which can be seen in the latest Amiri collection. Not only is LA’s surf culture very on point, the big silhouettes are also very on trend. The designer isn’t afraid of big cardigans, shirts and sweaters and that’s how we like it.

5. Monse oversized asymmetric sweater

untucked shirt
Source: Net a porter, Monse

This sweater is so big and asymmetric, that’s totally unqualified to tuck in. Combine this beauty with a black pair of jeans and sling backs and you’re ready to go.

Alternatives for the untucked shirt

Not on team untucked shirt? No worries, we totally understand you. Luckily for you, fitted or easy-to-tuck-in shirts are also here to stay. Check out this season’s best ones below.

1. Haider Ackermann tie-neck satin blouse

untucked shirt
Source: Net a porter, Haider Ackermann

This shirt is elegant because of its fine details and fabric. It looks flawless with a high waisted jeans and high heels. It creates an efforless chic look that’s suitable both during office hours and at late night dinners.

2. Zimmermann oversized polkadot blouse

untucked shirt
Source: Net a porter, Zimmermann

Zimmermann is known for its feminine collections. This elegant blouse is a true embodiment of what the brand stands for.

3. Silvia Tcherassi cropped poplin top

untucked shirt
Source: Net a porter, Silvia Tcherassi

This Silvia Tcherassi shirt isn’t your average crop top. It’s elegant, feminine and you’re little niece won’t wear it. Enough reasons to wear it combined with a pair of high waisted pants or an a-line skirt.

4. Dries van Noten crepe top

untucked shirt
Source: Net a porter, Dries van Noten

This elegant Dries van Noten top has the perfect color and suits well with almost every outfit for every occasion. You can both combine it with a relaxed fitted jeans or a chic pantalon.

End note: we want to be honest with you and therefore we have to admit: we’re on team untucked. Form over function doesn’t hold for us in this case and therefore we’re loosening things up. This article was written while wearing a very big, oversized untucked shirt.

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