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Sustainable fashion guide #6 – quality over quantity

Today, fashion is moving more rapidly than ever. We live in a special era in which opportunities to change the fashion industry are countless. That doesn’t come as a total surprise, since change is needed tremendously. Besides the industry-changes that need to be made, there are many things you can do yourself. In this series, therefore, we guide you through the most common ways to buy more thoughtfully, sustainably and ethically. After all, your search for sustainable fashion should be fun. Let’s kick-ff with a not so new phenomenon (something we all know we should stick to): quality over quantity.

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Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion has become more than the next hype. Big retailers, high fashion labels and many customers have reached the point on which they acknowledge the huge influence of the fashion industry on our planet.

More and more sustainable concepts pop-up. Take Ikigai Labels, for example: a melting pot of sustainable brands of all kind. You’ll find fancy made to order items, as well as more accessible garments (for every budget). We recently interviewed Helene Oudman, the creative mind behind this concept. According to her, “there’s a lot to win in the fashion industry.

However, fast fashion companies still offer low priced items while keeping up with the latest trends. Zara adds new items every week and adidas’s NEO line is designed, produced and delivered to stores within only one month. These types of actions are typical for the industry.

Therefore it’s about time to be more aware of your own shopping behavior. Let us guide you through it.

High quality

In our younger years, we indulged in the H&M sale. Sometimes we’re still tempted to go, but then solely for the Studio and Conscious Collections. However, we’ve reached the point that we value quality over quantity since years. Choosing investment fashion items can be hard and therefore we’ve created an investment piece checklist for you to invest in the right pieces you will cherish a lifetime.

Back in the days, our belongings were built to last a lifetime. Since the globalization has become up-to-speed, our priorities have changed. Every month, new trends emerge and seem to dominate our social media feeds. As a result, quality is lacking. But there’s no need to give up hope: there are still many fashion brands that produce high quality garments and accessories. You simply have to know how to discover a qualitative item. Luckily for you, we’ve figured out how to get this job done.

First of all, not every brand you cherish isn’t entirely of high quality. For some smaller brands (as mentioned below) it might be so, but when a fashion company gets larger quality might decrease in some cases. Therefore, it’s good to take a closer look at the item you wish to buy. Look at the way it’s stitched, the materials used and overall finish.

Second, a high price doesn’t indicate high quality. Nevertheless, high quality clothes are often more expensive than their fast fashion counter parts. A high quality and fairly made T-shirt simply can’t cost $30 or less.

Third, it’s important to know that not all fabrics are made equal. At some retailers, you buy a cashmere sweater for only $80, where at others you pay $500 or more. To some extend, price does indicate quality, since not all cashmere is equal. Sticking to our cashmere example: there’s different qualities of this material. The higher the quality of cashmere, the longer the fibers it’s made of. You’ll immediately experience this, as the high quality version is way softer. This also holds for other materials.


Happily, there are still many brands that value quality of their collections. And above all, high quality doesn’t have to come at a high price. Sometimes it does, but it isn’t a prerequisite. Find our favorite high quality brands below.

1. Filippa K

If we had to pick one item, Filippa K’s white blouses are among our list of timeless favorites. They’re crisp, have a great fit and above all are made of the finest materials.


LILAY YUZGULEN is a timeless women’s label with a modest portfolio, consisting of timeless designs that outlast trends. The brand’s first drop consists of an effortless chic handbag, available in five colors. Definitely an item you’ll cherish over the years.

3. Levi’s

While not every new pair of Levi’s jeans is of great quality, their vintage pairs are simply indestructible. Go for a classic 501 or an Orange Tab and you’re hooked for the rest of your life.

4. Uniqlo

Uniqlo is the best in creating highly technical garments. From their Airism underwear to the heating Heattech items. These lines will keep you either warm or exceptionally cool, no matter the circumstances.

5. Stella McCartney

Not only is Stella McCartney a sustainable brand concerning its materials, designs and shows, its quality is very high as well.

6. Acne Studios

Acne Studios is one of our go-to brands when it comes to, well, actually everything. From shoes to sweaters and jeans: all Jonny Johansson has created transforms into gold.

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