sun visor cap

The comeback of the sun visor cap (and our thoughts on it)

In this section, we discuss the revival of a trend or it-piece we’d never expect to make its comeback. We elaborate on the trend, tell you our thoughts about it and offer you best items for those who are convinced. And because we totally accept that this trend might not be for you, we also offer some alternatives. This time: the sun visor cap. We can’t longer deny its revival.

Sun visor cap

Like many trends, we thought the sun visor cap would never make a comeback. Until this season. We have to admit we were a bit shocked by the ease with which it made its introduction into the fashion scene. We’ve spotted this cap at many big fashion houses, like Dior, Prada, Burberry and Clyde.

Where to shop the sun visor cap

Are you on team sun visor cap? Great. You’re not the alone, we promise. If you want to impress your friends with your new visor, then shop one of the items below.

1. Dior

We kick off with a very daring visor of Dior. If you wanna look like 2050, then you’re set with this baby.

sun visor cap dior

2. Burberry

We truly love the classic Burberry check, also on this sun visor cap. However, it may remind you of your grandma’s early days on teh golf court. Maybe she even got a vintage Burberry visor for you.

sun visor cap burberry

3. Clyde

Clyde brings us beach vibes with this sun visor cap made of straw. Ideal for long (and warm) beach days to cover your face.

sun visor cap clyde

4. Prada

Prada goes cheeky with this leather visor in black. It reminds us of tacky parties and police costumes. Call us prude, but this one is a bit too sassy for us.

sun visor cap prada

5. Sensi Studio

Sensi Studio and Clyde are on the same page. They made the cap

sun visor cap sensi studio
Sensi Studio

6. Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone are entirely on trend with this rattan visor. Period.

sun visor cap rag & bone
Rag & Bone

Alternatives to the sun visor cap

Not on team sun visor cap? We’ve got you covered. We bet you’ll like these hats to cover you’re entire head. Extra plus: your hair won’t be bleached by the sun.

1. Eugenia Kim

Eugenia Kim knows how to make you feel a bit extra with this bold straw hat. It doesn’t only look great on the beach, but also works well to cover you up when you see people you don’t want to say hi to. No shame.

hat eugenia kim
Eugenia Kim

2. Burberry

The bucket hat is here to stay and entirely embraced by the fashion incrowd. So why not invest in a signature Burberry one?

bucket hat burberry

3. Acne Studios

We love pink and we love Acne Studios. So this one is true perfection to us.

bucket hat acne studios
Acne Studios

4. Gucci

Gucci knows how to nail every accessory, so Allessandro Michele is of course able to create a envying straw hat.

hat gucci

End note: we’re not on team sun visor. Not only is a hat more practical, we love the elegance and mystery of this piece as well.