Phoebe Philo's life lessons

Why we should all follow Phoebe Philo’s life lessons

Phoebe Philo’s life lessons – Phoebe Philo is more than a talented fashion designer. She’s a very intelligent woman who has spread many inspiring words to live by during the past years. Sit down and read Phoebe Philo’s life lessons below.

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Phoebe Philo’s life lessons

Maintain balance

One thing Phoebe Philo does exceptionally well: maintaining balance between work and personal life. After she’d left Chloé she took quite a long break. Now that she’s left Céline, her future in the fashion industry is still uncertain. It’s a no-brainer that every self-respecting fashion brand would hire her, but she chooses to spend time with her family first. An important decision when you work in the ever-hectic fashion industry.

Be confident

Philo has always been very confident. She’s a strong individual and designs for like-minded women. Her designs are meant to make women feel empowered and confident about themselves. Point taken.


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Surround yourself with positive emotions

In an early interview with The Gentlewoman, Phoebe Philo’s life lessons became clear soon. Philo loves to surround herself with images that carry positive emotions with them. Whether it’s an unknown image, a piece of art that touches her, or a family portrait: as long as it provides positive vibes, it’s very welcome. Philo believes these qualitative emotions strengthen both her work and work environment.

Don’t ask for too much

Phoebe Philo’s life lesson she’s learned from her mom: don’t ask for too “much”. This refers to the fact that Philo has many single friends. She’s afraid women become so independent that they’d loose their softness or acceptance. Many women are demanding too much from their [potential] significant other. Despite Phoebe Philo is a warrior of female empowerment, she also embraces her softer feminine side. Therefore, she likes to ask herself the question: “do I want to be right, or be happy?”


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The show must go on

One of Phoebe Philo’s most important life lessons: “the show must go on”. Whether people criticize you, whether you have a bad day or whether you’re facing the winter blues; always remember that the show must go on. Whether you’re ready or not, you have to move forward. Something Philo has experienced while working in the fashion industry as well. Fashion never stops and people will always be critical. View it as an opportunity to improve yourself and decide when to view something as just an opinion by someone you don’t care about.


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