paloma elsesser philosophy di lorenzo serafini fall 2022

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini fall 2022 pays homage to diversity and uniqueness

Diversity and uniqueness, are seen as core values. Theatre acts as a metaphor for us as individuals to connect with the past and look to the future, all whilst being in the present. Each emotion… surprise, excitement, and fragility allows the wearer to transform into a multifaceted character when placed on the stage of fashion.
Cover image: courtesy of Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

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Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini fall/winter 2022

For the Fall/Winter 2022 collection, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini stages a show that is enriched with a performance by French artist Lucky Love, communicating a message of freedom, independence, and inclusiveness. This uniqueness comes in all shapes and sizes, as shown by the brand.

Serafini’s show contained references to Berlin in the 1920s, during the Weimar Republic. With the recent events in Ukraine, the collection feels even more on point. The whirlwind of the Berlin Cabarets inspires the collection, drawing inspiration from the golden years in the Weimar Republic. Jeanne Mammen encapsulated this time through her strong, sensual illustrations. A touch of punk is inspired by Siouxsie Sioux’s irreverent and glamorous looks.

Strong shoulders, mini or maxi lengths, silhouettes that place emphasis on the waist, slits, and plunging necklines alternate, creating a game of contrasts and new balances. And that’s something we’ve seen at many shows: a leading role for contrasts and seeking for new balances in life, after years of adaptation to the ‘new normal’. It shows a willingness to live – a concept from history that apparently repeats itself over and over.

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