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Why young fashion designers have a different approach to New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is approaching and has a tight schedule. Earlier, CFDA announced that they would shorten the fashion event of the year with one day – leading to a time squeeze for many designers, including their audience. Three young and upcoming designers decided to take advantage of this constraint, by joining forces.

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New York Fashion Week

We earlier showed you the schedule of New York Fashion Week (in case you’ve missed it, check it out here). NYFW will take place from September 6 till 11. The new – and tight – schedule makes it hard for young designers to secure a spot.

However, CDLM/Creatures of the Wind, Vaquera and Section 8 had a clever idea; they will host a triple feature show on Monday September 9. Besides being a practical solution, the three emerging designers are friends and naturally decided to join forces.

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Triple fashion show

Since putting together a fashion show during New York Fashion Week is very expensive, it’s a smart choice. They are currently looking for funds to finance their show. It’s worrisome that there’s no place for young talent during one of the most important fashion events of the year. It makes the big brands even bigger, and the smaller disappear. While there is a young generation of innovative designers who value sustainability and are capable of shaking up the entire fashion industry, they barely get a chance.

Preparing for the future of fashion

Since seasons are disappearing, fashion collaborations become the norm and the customers demands solely see-now-buy-now shows, a triple feature show may be a first glimpse of the future of Fashion Week. At least it’s a modern interpretation of a traditional, static system.

Fashion collaborations have been more popular than ever before, which makes competition slowly move to the background. Young designers are sometimes forced to cooperate, to split costs or to take advantage of each other’s branding and image. It marks a new way of support for each other’s collections, which may lead to a very friendly and hopeful future of fashion. Let’s hope so.

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