New York Fashion Week Pre-Fall 2020

New York Fashion Week Pre-Fall 2020 update #2 – Lorod and 6397

New York Fashion Week Pre-Fall 2020 has officially started. Therefore, we present to you the last shows, designers and emerging trends. This update: Lorod and 6397.

Cover photo: © Pexels

New York Fashion Week Pre-Fall 2020

New York Fashion Week is full of great designers and shows. We know it’s hard to stay up-to-date with its great amount of shows, and therefore we’re delighted to keep you posted. Check out the latest and best shows below.

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Lauren Rodriguez is very open about her main sources of inspiration. For this pre-fall collection, she got inspired by the many contradictions in the late ’50s and early ’60s. From spaceships and other technic savvy innovations to conservatism and traditionalism.

These contradictions expressed themselves in wrinkled polyester, which was – quite innovative – easy to breathe. The space silver color reminded of astronaut suits and other space related items. Combining this type of fabric with traditional garments like wrap dresses and conservative skirts, creates an interesting assemblage.

With this collection, Rodriguez showed she’s able to experiment more elaborately than others. Where the average designer incorporated the use of PET bottles into some pieces from a ready to wear collection, Rodriguez creates convetable yet casual eveningwear from recycled materials. With these items, she shows how sexy and elegant sustainability can be.

Check out the entire collection here.


Perfectly shaped silks, a classic suit and some knits created by a company specialized in mattress materials: this pretty sums up 6397’s Pre-Fall 2020 collection. Quite a bold collection for a brand known for its timeless essentials. Whether you like it or not, its quirkiness works.

One of the shirt featured “Make the planet cool again”. Where 6397 is usually known for its essentials slash basics, there was some fun stuff going on in this collection. To make the planet rather cool again, we have to buy less and better, just like Vivienne Westwood told us several times. What to buy then? Some of 6397’s essentials for sure, together with some of their funny T-shirts. After all, we have to make the planet cool again.

Check out the entire collection here.

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