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Official Madrid Fashion Week schedule for February, 2024

Madrid Fashion Week, also known as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, is a prominent event in the fashion calendar that showcases the talent and creativity of the Spanish fashion industry. Held twice a year, this prestigious event gathers renowned designers, emerging talents, and fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Madrid Fashion Week is known for its fusion of traditional Spanish influences and contemporary design, featuring vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and bold silhouettes. With a focus on craftsmanship and innovation, the event highlights Spain’s rich textile heritage while pushing boundaries and setting new trends. Madrid Fashion Week celebrates Spanish fashion, style, and cultural identity. While not regarded as one of the big four, the Madrid Fashion Week schedule is one not to miss.

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Discover the Madrid Fashion Week schedule for 2024

Thursday, February 15th

11.00 am – Pedro del Hierro

12.30 pm – Acromatyx

02.00 pm – Simorra

04.00 pm – Mans

05.30 pm – Claro Couture

07.00 pm – Pablo Erroz

08.30 pm – Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Friday, February 16th

11.00 am – Paloma Suárez

12.30 pm – Isabel Sanchis

02.00 pm – Hannibal Laguna

04.00 pm – Roberto Toretta

05.30 pm – Duyos

07.00 pm – Encinar

08.30 pm – Malne

Saturday, February 17th

11.00 am – Inuñez

12.30 pm – Aldette Álvarez

02.00 pm – Marcos Luengo

04.00 pm – Fely Campo

05.30 pm – Custo Barcelona

07.00 pm – Lola CCasademunt by Maite

08.30 pm – Elio Berhayner

Sunday, February 18th

11.00 am – Coconutscankill

11.00 am – Dimoni

01.30 pm – Juan VG

01.30 pm – Orioll Clavel

04.00 pm – Evade House

04.00 pm – Anystudio

06.00 pm – Andrià Studio

06.00 pm – Visori Studio

08.00 pm – Peter Sposito Studio

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