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Jacquemus LE CHOUCHOU turned Versailles into a modern fairytale

What Pharrell Williams did with Pont Neuf, Jacquemus secretly did to Château de Versailles. Models of all genders walked the runway wearing white lace – after all, everyone can be a bride – making LE CHOUCHOU Jacquemus’ most romantic collection so far, showing a grown-up version of the popular French fashion house.

Cover image: courtesy of Jacquemus


Simon Porte Jacquemus has created a renowned fashion house within only ten years. His eponymous label is home to the greatest celebrities of our time, front rows are jaw-dropping, and the list of famous people who wish to be dressed in Jacquemus is endless. Earlier today, Jacquemus’ new Chouchou collection was presented in Château de Versailles. Victoria and David Beckham, Monica Bellucci, Eva Longoria, Gigi Hadid, and Emily Ratajkowski were just a few of the famous attendants. With this event, Jacquemus belongs to the lucky few who have been able to use Versailles as the backdrop for their campaign. Chanel and Dior have famously used the historical place for their campaigns, but other than that, Versailles is hard to get. “At the first meeting, it was, ‘Tell me your idea. It won’t be possible, but I can hear it,” told Jacquemus editors post-show. After months of discussion, the designer convinced the venue’s directors of his plans. “My brand is linked with the youth — I think it’s also why Versailles decided to have me and build a relationship,” he added. It’s not about renting a venue, it’s all about building a relationship, he explained further. Is this a hint he will have more in store for us? That’s not sure yet, but today marked the start of a new era for Jacquemus as a fashion house – a grown-up one, to be more precise.

Collaborating with his historical sight meant a lot and heavily influenced the collection. Jacquemus explained to WWD pre-show: “This historical place so inspired me during the design process that it led me to explore many new creative possibilities, different from my past shows, but still very Jacquemus. I am honored and proud to be able to do a show there as an independent fashion house. It’s going to be a very special moment for Jacquemus.” And it was special indeed. The runway cast consisted of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, among other famous top models, while 150 guests were welcomed to watch the show from white rowing boats. This show is part of Jacquemus’ new strategy to become a more sophisticated, high-end fashion house. According to CEO Bastien Daguzan, the brand will strengthen its positioning and expand the US market in the upcoming years.

Historical references

Despite the refined yet simple collection, one statement piece deserves a closer look: it’s an exact copy of Diana’s famous “revenge look,” her first appearance after she and Charles officially broke up. There were references to Marie Antoinette’s signature clothing style as well, tapping into the French heritage of the house. That’s not unique to collections showcased at the venue. According to Versailles’ president, every collection shown at the Palace has included references to the historical place. Other than Diana’s serious note, the collection formed some sort of “whimsical ballet,” as beautifully put by Hypebae, “balancing designs between sophistication and experimentation.” Even the menswear section – a term no longer valid, looking at Paris Fashion Week men’s – got an upgrade thanks to sheer lace and red details. And apparently, that’s all we need for next season.

Discover the first looks of Jacquemus LE CHOUCHOU below.