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Sleeping with Jacques’ founder on allowing women to dictate their own dress code

Sleeping with Jacques is a feel-good experience where every aspect of our world is considered, from design to environment and community. Their pieces allow women to wear each garment as they please, transitioning from the bedroom and beyond to any occasion so that women can dictate their dress code, as it should be.
Cover photo: © Sleeping with Jacques

Sleeping with Jacques

“We believe in creating an experience that is all about empowering women,” says Jacques Hoang, founder of Sleeping with Jacques, a highbrow sleepwear-inspired label with items too good to just wear in the bedroom. Hoang describes her designs as ‘sensual,’ in a way that you really ‘mean it’. An obsession with supermodels in the nineties led to a dream come true when Cindy Crawford wore one of Sleeping with Jacques’ designs. “When Cindy wore the signature Sleeping with Jacques Bon Vivant Robe set to the Meaningful Beauty EOY gala, it was an epic moment. I knew Cindy understood the ethos of Sleeping with Jacques. When Elle MacPherson wore it to her Christmas family dinner and posted it on her Instagram, I felt honored to be part of such an intimate affair. Then, when Helena Christensen wore it, I felt like I was living my best Gianna Versace/George Michael life!”

The supermodels of this age seem to understand the brand’s rationale, which is all about ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’ – a personal note by Hoang. “It is my reminder to follow your heart. Do what you love. Do what brings you joy and pleasure. Do what fills your cup. Do what moves your heart and makes it feel alive. A personal reminder to live your life authentically.”

Born out of necessity

The velvet collection was born out of the necessity and busy life of a young mother. Since the start, her designs have evolved. “Sleeping with Jacques has evolved to celebrate the feminine all day by branching out into silk slip dresses that can easily be worn underneath your everyday items, such as your favorite jumpers or jackets, and our sensual bodysuits that can be worn with jeans or leather pants. It is a very sexy feeling to be comfortable all day while knowing you have something gorgeously feminine and silky close to your skin. As a busy woman, one can appreciate feeling comfortable plus feeling womanly does not have to be mutually exclusive.” 

But necessity, ease, and comfort aren’t the only things on her list that currently inspire the designer. There’s more, much more: “TLC’s CrazySexyCool album, neuroscientist Joe Dispenza’s TV series Rewired on mastery of the mind, and last but not least, Grace Tame currently inspires me a lot. Grace is a trailblazer to be reckoned with, and I’m so excited for young girls to have her as an example to watch.”

A hopeful future

Next to the successes she achieved, Hoang is aware of her impact on the future as one of her key drivers to be an entrepreneur. “I value being able to make key decisions that impact the future. I value responsibility for what I put into the environment in our sustainability model. I value offering our customers an option in the saturated fashion world, a brand that considers the environment and gives back to our community. I value creating a culture that embodies what I value, which is what I hope to see in this world.” A meaningful way to allow women to dictate their dress code wherever they go.

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