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Interview: Point Zero One designer Ruby on independence and elegance

At Point Zero One you’ll find light and feminine designs, light fabrics and a sense of female empowerment. All fabrics and designs are centered around a deep gratitude to nature. We talked to Point Zero One’s designer Ruby about her inspiration, role models and the true meaning of fashion.

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Point Zero One

Point Zero One is a young and independent fashion label, shown at London Fashion Week. The Spring/Summer 2020 collection was elegant, independent and most of all based on nature. Ruby: “My main source of inspiration comes from the gratitude to nature, such as the interpretation of hemp rope part. It represents the hope of harmony between humans and nature. At the same time, it integrates the modern composite leather as the neutralization, making the overall style more texture.

point zero one
© Oxford Fashion Studio, Point Zero One

Furthermore, independent and strong women are pivotal to the brand. “I mainly want to highlight the independence of women in the new era, so the lines have soft beauty, but also can see the hard outline.” With Point Zero One, Ruby hopes to release women from their daily pressure – “not being trapped by layers of shackles” – to enable them to become more independent.

When asking Ruby about her role model, she answers: “My role model is the former art teacher, who has brought great influence on my clothing creation. He asked me not only to draw a specific thing, but to break the structure of things for secondary reorganization to create, try to integrate many things that can not be together, and teach me to show my feelings with different angles and methods.

point zero one
© Oxford Fashion Studio, Point Zero One

Future of fashion

Fashion means more than just clothes and the latest trends to many, and especially to Ruby: “Fashion is mysterious in my understanding. It’s a constant exploration of the unknown world.” When talking about upcoming trends, Ruby gets excited. She adds: “We won’t know what the next trend is. But when the trend comes, it’s full of various different thoughts. They produce wonderful sparks in collision, which makes me excited and full of fun.

Despite trends, an uncertain future and the mysterious side of fashion, Point Zero One will stick to its course: “Although the future road is full of many uncertain factors, my original intention will not change. I always insist on making women feel comfortable and can reflect their own style of clothing. Of course, I also hope that more people like and recognize the brand in the future.

point zero one
© Oxford Fashion Studio, Point Zero One

Oxford Fashion Studio

Eitan Broude is part of Oxford Fashion Studio (OFS), which puts independent fashion designers on the map. According to OFS, these independent designers have an important and integer story to tell, deserving international exposure. As a singular collective, Oxford Fashion Studio is the only organization showcasing independent design talent in every fashion capital in the world.

In this Oxford Fashion Studio series, we shed light on several independent designers to share their story. In this way we support them to flourish internationally.

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