Interview: photographer 4UNG (Alex Cheung) on capturing authentic moments

Photographer 4UNG is on the rise. With successful editorials for Farfetch, ODDA Magazine, Vogue Hong Kong, Nike, Milkey Magazine, Essentials, Vetements amongst others and authentic backstage shoots at several fashion weeks, we can say 4UNG is someone we will hear a lot about. We did a quick Q&A with this successful London-based photographer from Hong Kong.

Cover photo: © 4UNG

Photographer 4UNG

Photographer 4UNG, originally born in Hong Kong as Alex Cheung, is a name to keep an eye on. With a promising portfolio consisting of many editorials for big magazines and countless backstage shoots at several fashion weeks, Cheung is on the rise. Recently this young talent moved to London, to be more closely located to his work. 4UNG has always had an eye for style, but hasn’t always dreamed about becoming a photographer: “I wasn’t really into photography when I was little, instead I was thinking about to be a stylist. Until my first photography elective in college, I found out I enjoyed using photos to express what’s on my mind. So I started taking pictures after I bought my first camera with the salary from my first job.

“I found out I enjoyed using photos to express what’s on my mind.”


When asking 4UNG about his photography style, he’s not sure about the answer, but is resolutely about his main source of inspiration. “I don’t know about my photography style, but my inspiration comes from everywhere. Movies, music, the people I met, the art piece I saw in the museum, the kid in the park, or my breakfast at the day. It’s me, it’s 4UNG.

When looking at his pictures, you definitely discover a red thread. 4UNG’s photos look real and without adornment. “I always look for the authentic moments. It’s like when you talking to someone you will know he/she is being real to you, or just playing pretend. Same as photography.

Authenticity is the highest achievable good in 4UNG’s photographs. When asking for his best photo, he answers without doubt: “The picture I took for my family at the last night before I move to London. They were crying.

Recent work

4UNG alternated between editorial shooting and backstage work and enjoys both of them equally. “Shooting an editorial is like a film director. Shooting backstage is like the audience behind the scene who has nothing to do to the business. I enjoyed both.

“People from the past are always inspiring.”

While feeling like a film director, it comes at no surprise that one his is role models is Bruce Lee. “People from the past are always inspiring.” Having that said, we think 4UNG will be equally inspiring for his peers. The way in which he portraits people and situations in their purest form is breath-taking. A photographer we’ll sure hear a lot more of.

Check out 4UNG’s recent work on Instagram.

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