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Interview: illustrator Amber Vittoria on dismantling social stereotypes

Illustrator Amber Vittoria dismantles stereotypes with her expressive illustrations about women. This time she takes her drawings to a next level, through a collaboration with VerdeVie. We had a quick conversation with Vittoria about this interesting collaboration and dismantling stereotypes.
Cover photo: © VerdeVie

Illustrator Amber Vittoria

We have to admit we’re huge fans of illustrator Amber Vittoria’s work (check out here our earlier tribute to this lady). With her illustrations, she depicts modern women without taboos. After Gucci, The New York Times, Teen Vogue and Instagram, it was about time for a new collab – one with VerdeVie.

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Amber Vittoria VerdeVie
Photo credit: VerdeVie

We were wondering: why VerdeVie?
“Well, cannabis has helped me through times of physical pain. It has helped me to relax. My aim with this piece is to tell that story and inspire others who use cannabis to share theirs as well.”

What was your inspiration for your VerdeVie illustration?
“Both pieces serve as personal depiction of a figure comfortable when partaking.”

So, it differs from your own work.
“Well, not entirely. Usually I get inspired by the women in my life, the women I pass by, and the women I read about. The woman I’ve illustrated for VerdeVie can be the same person.”

Would you say your work for VerdeVie serves the same goal?
“Yes, that’s correct. The goal with my work is to dismantle the societal stereotypes set upon women. This also holds for the work I’ve made for VerdeVie.”

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Amber Vittoria VerdeVie
Photo credit: VerdeVie

Depicting the “ideal” female

Amber Vittoria uses her work to express her idea of the “ideal” female, while dismantling stereotypes. When she caught her niece sending Snapchats to friends about how ugly she felt. This was enough, something had to change. And so this little girl encouraged Vittoria to make even bolder statements and look for the best possible collaborations. With these collabs, Vittoria wants to spread a message. A positive one, showing that a certain ideal doesn’t exist. Neither in being perfect woman, nor in life at its most general sense.

The collaboration with VerdeVie dismantles the prejudices people have about cannabis usage. With this illustration, Vittoria shares her personal story, hoping others will do so as well – and hopefully the taboo will slowly disappear.

In collaboration with VerdeVie

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