Helmut lang and saint woods campaign image

The latest Helmut Lang and Saintwoods collab is everything you want for Christmas

Mariah Carey was right; all I want for Christmas is you – and then we’re pointing at the latest Helmut Lang and Saintwoods drop. Coming right on time for the holiday season and seamlessly connecting to our current obsession with home wear, it’s the perfect gift for literally anyone at this moment.
Cover photo: © David Brandon Geeting

Helmut Lang and Saintwoods

The collaboration between Helmut Lang and Saintwoods is one we were excited about without knowing it. Capsule collection “SEE YOU SOON” consists of new illustrated pieces inspired by travel through air, land and sea.

At a time when traveling around the world feels like something of the past, the collection offers a – much needed – escape, evoking memories of a once so normal jetset lifestyle. Every single illustration embodies the key means of transportation depicted by a plane, cab and sailboat. The cab is a nod to the 1998 Helmut Lang taxi top, when it was the first ever fashion label to advertise on taxis.

Saintwoods is known for clothes that “do the traveling for you”. Combined with Helmut Lang’s vision and iconic pieces, the collection offers a modern take on collegial nostalgia and youth culture. Check out our favorite looks below.

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