gestuz fall winter 2023

Gestuz’s ‘Dark Desire’ is bringing sexy back in the most sustainable way possible

On Thursday, Gestuz showed their Fall/Winter 2023 collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week. The theme? Dark Desire. And just like that, sexiness is brought into the field of sustainability.

Cover photo: courtesy of Gestuz

Gestuz fall/winter 2023

The sculpture hall of the renowned Thorvaldsensmuseum never looked this good. It was the famous hall of Denmark’s first museum open to the public, dating from 1848. A ‘darker and sexier version of the GESTUZ muse’ was represented at the several mood boards for the collection. ‘A muse who isn’t restricted by a certain age, size, or take on femininity, but with extravagance as the common feature’, the press release wrote. Perhaps most notable was the presence of a black widow on the mood boards, making the collection seek a ladylike look with a modern and vintage twist.

‘Extravagant was the first word added to our design board. I wanted to create a rich and sexy vibe that would perfectly complement the colors’ darkness and the winter season’s darkness. I looked towards quite classic elements and fancy dressing but with a new take. I wanted to dig deeper into “sexiness” and discover different ways of approaching it. “Traditional female” fashion elements such as lace, showing skin, and tight fits are often judged as vulgar or too girly. I didn’t want to hide these things, but rather integrate them in the looks,’ creative director Sanne Sehested tells about the collection.

Suits with corset-like fits, a dark color palette, gloomy energy, and fierce looks summarize the entire collection. When keeping in mind that all participating brands of Copenhagen Fashion Week have to comply with the Minimum Standards of Copenhagen Fashion Week – a rule set with minimum sustainability requirements to be part of the official schedule – GESTUZ is bringing sustainability to an entirely new sexy level we haven’t seen before.