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Biggest fashion trends spotted at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week is full of the best catwalk looks and sustainable creations. To become part of CPHFW, designers must oblige to sixteen sustainability demands. It not only raises the bar for the fashion industry to become more sustainable and future-proof, but it also makes spectators indulge in fashion in a more responsible, guilt-free way. Therefore, we’re serving you the best looks and biggest fashion trends for fall/winter 2023-2024, spotted at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Cover photo: courtesy of Filippa K

Fashion trends Copenhagen Fashion Week fall/winter 2023

Home to the most prominent fashion trends, Copenhagen Fashion Week is a true feast for the eye and never disappoints. The street style is of unmatchable standards, and the collections are beyond sustainable compared to the biggest fashion houses in the world. Therefore, there’s much to learn and take notes from during this Scandinavian fashion week. Discover the biggest (sustainable!) fashion trends below, fresh off the runways at Copenhagen Fashion Week.


2023 is the year of the monochrome look, apparently. Monochrome dressing formed the main theme for many collections, and black is finally back in fashion – even in Scandinavia, known for its rainbow-colored dopamine dressing.


Deconstruction is back in business, literally. A power suit gets a different meaning when deconstructed, creating space to show the body.

Maxi skirts

If we have to name one central trend, it must be the maxi skirt. Worn over pants, jeans, and with sneakers or high heels, the styling options are endless.

Big coats and statement jackets

The bigger the coat, the better the mood. Scandinavian fashion labels know how to make one feel cozy. When looking at the best coats, Lisa Rinna topped all of them at Rotate, wearing nothing but a bathing suit and a fluffy, leopard print robe.

The comfortable dress

Copenhagen Fashion Week’s dresses are fabulous and comfy. Vivian Hoorn stole the show at Gestuz and Rotate, wearing a fiercer body-hugging silhouette than ever. At Nynne, nineties modernism took the lead, whereas OpéraSport gave a new spin to optic illusion.

A new take on Y2K

Y2K peaks at another level according to many designers who showed their fall/winter 2023 collections during Copenhagen Fashion Week. We saw psychedelic prints, ‘old-fashioned’ silhouettes and even belts we never thought of seeing again.

Tailoring 2.0

Tailoring takes in new forms, as seen at Copenhagen Fashion Week. At Selam Fessahaye, suits were decorated with small pockets, men wore skirts at Mark Kenly Domino Tan, and there was a new role for eighties power shoulders as well.

Next level layering

Scandis know the art of layering like no other. They have to, obviously, cause the winters aren’t gentle. Dresses over trousers, coats over jackets, crop tops over sweaters – name it, and they’ve figured out how to make it fit and look great.

Big volumes

Next winter, we will turn up the volume with puffer dresses, baggy jeans, balloon sleeves and big shoulders. And in this case, size does matter.

Copenhagen Fashion Week is serving the best street style, and here’s a first look