gcds spring summer 2024

GCDS Spring/Summer 2024: a playful homecoming with Giuliano Calza

In the ever-evolving fashion world, every designer’s journey eventually leads them back to their roots. For Giuliano Calza, the GCDS Spring/Summer 2024 collection marks a dazzling return home. It’s time to delve into a collection that pays homage to the brand’s Neapolitan origins and embraces its streetwear essence, all while boasting a sense of awareness and atelier-inspired creativity.

Cover image: courtesy of GCDS

GCDS Spring/Summer 2024

Picture this: The GCDS headquarters transformed into a runway, reminiscent of the intimate atelier presentations of yesteryears. It departs from the extravagant spectacles we’ve grown accustomed to in fashion. For Giuliano Calza, fashion is about creating garments that hold a meaningful place in everyday life. They are not just clothes; they are companions on life’s journey. This collection embodies that statement, offering pieces that resonate with Giuliano, his community, and anyone seeking to blend fashion with function.

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A Nostalgic Exploration

With Spring/Summer 2024, Giuliano Calza embarks on a journey through the archives of both Neapolitan heritage and streetwear roots. It’s a reconciliation with the iconic GCDS logo, worn with pride and exuberance. This journey is underpinned by a newfound sense of atelier craftsmanship that has propelled GCDS’s growth in recent years. The collection unfolds with various textures and styles, seamlessly blending the traditional and the contemporary. From denim and leather to the unexpected charm of straw, this collection embraces the diversity of life.

Elevating the Everyday

Ribbed dresses in varying lengths and touches of glamour elevate the collection, infusing it with a sense of refined spontaneity. The GCDS logo makes its presence felt, but in a subtle, tasteful manner, even finding its place on a heel. The collection pays homage to the past by reintroducing a beloved bakelite telephone reimagined as a wooden bag. Platforms and heels take the silhouette to new heights, playfully toying with the discreet charm of bourgeoisie fashion.

A New Chapter

This GCDS spring/summer 2024 homecoming signifies more than just a return to familiar surroundings. It marks the beginning of a fresh journey that reinvigorates the brand’s identity while staying true to its roots. Giuliano Calza’s GCDS Spring/Summer 2024 collection embraces the essence of the house with open arms, celebrating the brand’s Neapolitan and streetwear heritage in a way that feels both nostalgic and forward-thinking. As we embark on this voyage through the heart of GCDS, we are reminded that in fashion, like in life, the journey may reanalyze where it all began, but evolution truly defines the path forward.

Creative Direction: Giuliano Calza, stylist: Anna Trevelyan, makeup artist: Raisa Flowers, hair stylist: Jawara Wauchope, casting Director: Madeleine Østlie – AAMO Casting