new york fashion week pre-fall 2020

Fashion Week Pre-Fall 2020 update #3 – Chanel, Balmain and The Marc Jacobs

New York Fashion Week Pre-Fall 2020 has officially started. Therefore, we present to you the last shows, designers and emerging trends. This update: Chanel, Balmain and The Marc Jacobs.

Cover photo: © Pexels

Fashion Week Pre-Fall 2020

New York Fashion Week is full of great designers and shows. We know it’s hard to stay up-to-date with its great amount of shows, and therefore we’re delighted to keep you posted. Check out the latest and best shows below.

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Virginie Viard presented Chanel at its most casual. At his last show, Karl Lagerfeld slowly started to discover this more casual direction. Viard knows the Chanel woman very well and therefore plays with a modern take on the classic heritage of the brand.

Likewise, fresh new colors, crop tops and even tie dye prints entered the runway. These were alternated by glitter, glamor and models covered with chunky Chanel jewelry. The show with 71 looks ended with a couple of wedding-worthy white dresses, meant for modern brides who dare to be different.

However, looking at the theme of the show, it wasn’t modern at all. Viard’s Métiers d’Art show called “Paris-31 rue Cambon” referred to the acclaimed street where Gabrielle Chanel opened her first shop in 1910. Soon after, Chanel enlarged her empire within this street, including haute couture salons.

Hence, Viard evoked Chanel’s former apartment and environment with this show. The decor of the show, for example, formed a reference to Chanel’s surroundings and famous staircase, on which she put mannequins back in the days; something Chanel’s new creative director adores. In line with this, Viard described the collection simply as “things we like“.

Consequently, Viard payed hommage to the craftsmanship Chanel is known for. Embroideries, feathers and other detail-rich materials and crafts passed the review. But despite this, Viard highly values wearability and timelessness, together with the wants and need of the modern woman. She does it in an effortless and chic way, like no other has been capable of before.


Olivier Rousteing is nothing but a wonder kid. While we’re still recovering from the Puma x Balmain launch party, Rousteing already dived into Pre-Fall 2020 already. The collection – consisting from over 70 looks – was an alternation between Classic Blue (Pantone’s Color of the Year) and quirky red.

This entire collection consisted of rich fabrics, reminding of the English countryside. Yet, Rousteing’s collection was brushing up against traditionalism. The young creative director knows how to make use of the label’s rich heritage and to translate it into a modern wardrobe. Bold paisleys, chunky tartans, heavy embroideries and and velvet details formed statement pieces that will surely dominate next year’s street style.

Although Rousteing hasn’t experienced the ’80s by himself, he draws a never-ending fantasy-like inspiration from this decade. It translates itself into big shoulders, a lot of glitter and maximalist ensembles.

Neither the young designer nor the fashion house are known for their sense of sustainability. However, with this collection there comes a change. Rousteing admitted that “there’s no way back” and “sustainability is more than a trend, we have to be serious about it“. Rousteing aims to create “real awareness” and to make us of sustainable and clean materials. Since years, he has favored faux fur over the real stuff as well. Something other fashion labels should use as an example. “It’s way beyond clothes“, he added backstage. And that’s exactly what everyone should keep in mind when shopping for next season’s trends.

The Marc Jacobs

The Marc Jacobs is the bold, eclectic and younger sister of the original Marc Jacobs line. This season it’s translated in a crisp and new collection for Fashion Week Pre-Fall 2020. Some outfits are silly, where others are more sophisticated – but always in a young and fresh way. The collection forms a joyful and playful ensemble and brings you back to the ’70s.

The collection is a savvy equation of how a cool sweet girl likes to dress today. A balance of femininity & nostalgia energized by good styling and a range of collaborative products. Armor-Lux lended its ever-classic pinstriped sweater, Stan Ray offered chunky workwear and Stutterheim provided Jacobs with its rubber fabrics. Overall, it’s a collection for everyone. Reportedly, men were buying larger sizes of The Marc Jacobs for themselves. Therefore, the board of the brand decided to expand its size range to bigger sizes as well. Therefore, we can conclude The Marc Jacobs is a colorful party full of inclusivity.

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