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The 6 most important fashion trends from the Fall 2020 collections

Despite that there’s a worldwide crisis, some industries go on. And since we want to bring you a little joy, we’ve listed the biggest fashion trends from the Fall 2020 collections.
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Fashion trends Fall 2020

There’s a lot to worry about – both in private and business life. Many fashion houses have closed their stores and even warehouses, while creating time to make plans for the future. A future we still don’t know much about. One thing we know, at least, is what the trends of the future will be. Here’s an overview.

1. Cocoon shapes

Before anyone knew (or knew they?) that we were about to stay home for weeks, cocoon shapes were much welcomed guests on the runway. We saw them at JW Anderson, Simone Rocha and Nina Ricci. Perfectly suited for today’s main activity: cocooning.

2. Floor sweeping dresses

Despite the see-through bralettes and sexy tops, there were many head-to-toe covering dresses as well. Valentino, Balenciaga and Burberry were just a few of the big names that developed these pretty covering dresses. With today’s knowledge, they’re very relevant as well.

3. The skirt suit

Where we were suddenly all wearing suits since a season or two, a skirt suit is the ‘new normal’ – and perfectly suited for a warm Spring day. These ladylike silhouettes were showed at Celine, Victoria Beckham and Gabriela Hearst.

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4. Coats to live in

During Winter, a puffer coat is our best friend. This will also hold for Fall 2020, except that coats will be even bigger and fluffier that season. We can’t wait.

5. Multifunctional flower curtains

Who thinks that flowers belong to old-fashioned curtains, lags behind. We saw flower curtain-prints at dresses, skirts, hats and actually any garment you can think of. Marni, Marine Serre and Erdem understand that there’s no place like home – literally.

6. Saintly silhouettes

Rodarte, Paco Rabanne and Iris van Herpen all went for saintly silhouettes. While fashion as salvation isn’t anything new, the way in which designers incorporated this concept in their Fall 2020 collections was very innovative.

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