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Fashion label Bevza – timeless elegance from Kiev

Fashion label Bevza has proven its success during NYFW September 2018. Its SS19 see-now-buy-now show was a huge success. Think of timeless dresses in soft colors, perfect fits and enviable looks. But who is the person behind this successful label? Read everything about fashion label Bevza and her namesake designer below.

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Meet Bevza’s designer: Svitlana Bevza

We can say that Bevza is the most famous Ukrainian fashion label on earth. With worldwide recognition of the fashion industry, designer Svitlana Bevza belongs to today’s top-notch designers. She has won many prizes, such as “Best Womenswear Designer Of The Year” in 2013 and was part of Vogue Italia Talents to name a few. The soft color palette and the qualitative fabrics, combined with a perfect fit are characteristic for fashion label Bevza.

But who is the genius designer behind this cool brand? Meet Svitlana Bevza, a woman born and raised in Kyiv. When she was 5 years old, she already told her mom she wanted to own a fashion house. However, she had to study economics, since the job of fashion designer wasn’t very popular in Ukraine back in the days. In her leisure time, Bevza tool sewing classes and started to make her own clothes. After she made a bet with a friend she could set up a atelier and prepare a womenswear collection in 60 days, her career started.

Ukraine fashion scene

Bevza belongs to the top of the Ukrain fashion scene. However, many new, young and fresh fashion labels emerge every day. Due to the political tensions, Ukraine gets a lot of media attention. Fashion, on its turn, is the way Ukraine is connected with the rest of the world. According to Svitlana Bevzam buyers and others in the fashion in-crowd are very interested in the 90ies Ukraine look. However, Bevza tries not to let her Ukrainian blood flow too much in her fashion label. She doesn’t like to be compared to national costumes. Nevertheless she is very proud of being part of and contributing to Ukraine’s flourishing fashion industry.


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The White Dress Concept

The key concept of the label is that everything has to be white to some extend. Every garment has to be fresh, simple, minimal and, very often, white. The White Dress Concept challenges the long hold statement that every woman should own a little black dress. Bevza definitely shows that white does the trick as well – or even better? With this concept, the designer aims to reframe our belief of a classical, timeless and iconic garment. However, these terms do definitely apply when you look at Bevza’s individual pieces. It is a fashion label with a minimalistic approach and therefore very wearable and timeless indeed.


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During NYFW SS19 (September 2018, red) fashion label Bevza organized a see-now-buy-now SS19 show. The collection consisted of – what else – many white dresses, which formed a reinvention of classical pieces. Combined with other soft colors, the show was definitely worth the watch. Svetlana Bevza describes white as “the color that describes personalities”, “meant for those who want to discover life” and “a color of honesty”. Because being honest to yourself is the most important thing in your life. We couldn’t agree more.


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