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Biggest fall/winter 2023 fashion trends spotted at Paris Fashion Week

It’s a wrap! With the final day of Paris Fashion Week, fashion month has ended. Leaving us tired but inspired, most fashion houses have taken a new direction that ushers a new era of minimalism. From black tenues to flowers for fall: these are the biggest fall/winter 2023 fashion trends spotted at Paris Fashion Week.

Cover image: courtesy of Situationist

Fall/Winter 2023 fashion trends at Paris Fashion Week

The fall/winter 2023 fashion trends spotted at Paris Fashion Week are surprisingly wearable. That isn’t entirely unexpected, with crisis after crisis, wars and financial uncertainty forming a grey cloud above society. Despite that, next season’s fashion feels optimistic, but just toned down a notch. And after seasons of excessive styles and silhouettes, it feels refreshingly good. These are the biggest trends to have on your radar.

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Ditching the pants (or shirt)

The public was in awe when models entered the runway at Ann Demeulemeester – shirtless, covering their breast with nothing but their hands. Miu Miu topped it off with the absence of pants with many looks. If there’s one aesthetic to derive from this season, than it has to be not to try too hard.

Fifty shades of black

It doesn’t any darker than the fall/winter 2023 fashion trends. Many collection were dominated by entirely black looks. Gothic vibes, modest chic, and bodies covered in black fabrics, and leathers were predominant.

Tailoring and deconstruction

Tailoring is done on an entirely different level compared to previous seasons. Pants reinterpretaed into tops, and skirts crafted from jackets were no exception. Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton took the crown when it comes to deconstructed tailoring, with her collection based on the anatomy of the human body. It had strong references to Martin Margiela’s 1989 show, in which he reinterpreted the way we think of clothes.

Normcore 2.0

Cartoonesque fashion officially belongs to the past. The fall/winter 2023 collections focus on a new form of normcore instead. Next season will all be about simple jeans, minimalist silhouettes and long coats – showing that just the necessities are enough.

Flowers for fall

While flowers for spring might not be the most original idea (referencing to Miranda Pristley), for winter they feel refreshing. After the corsage trend, we see flowers in many different shapes and sizes, work as embellishment over the entire body.