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Looking for the fashion in-crowd’s best-kept styling hacks, most-cherished vintage treasures, or favorite trends of the moment? We’ve prigged their answers… today: EMY VENTURINI shares her STYLING SECRETS. Cover photo by Eseniia Araslanova


Her grandmother’s taste influenced Emy Venturini’s style at a young age. Nonna Rita sparked her interest with creative looks, mostly sewn by herself with fabrics bought in Florence, and her passion for art. Emy admired her Nonna Olga for her elegance, class, and attention to detail. She would say it was Emy’s first guidance into the fashion industry. Through the years, the fashion stylist developed a style she describes as “sporty, classy, and on-trend.” However, she doesn’t like restricting her wardrobe to these concepts: “I’m a chameleon that can feel good in anything I like.” Viewing fashion as a way of self-expression and an art form, she gets inspired by everything that catches her eye daily. “With fashion, we can express our feelings and thoughts about society. It’s important to remember and start using fashion to make a change for a better future.” 

Sia Arnika: “As I get older, I feel more centered – and it shows in my designs”

What’s currently on your mood board? And on your wish list?

“I love the 80s style, ski holiday moods, and Saint Laurent in Tanger. It’s all about the right mix, with imperfections that create perfection. On my wish list, as a mood board, are mainly very minimalist pieces, such as blue Levi’s 501 jeans, an oversized leather jacket with a simple tank top, and Tabi Maison Margiela boots. Simplicity is key.”

How would you describe what you do for a living for someone not working in fashion?

“I do many things, but most importantly, I do what I love. As a stylist, I create looks that help others buy and wear clothes well. Furthermore, I own a creative studio named The Eco Studio, focusing on sustainable fashion. I organize photo shoots, develop campaign lookbooks, and develop videos for sustainable brands. In 2018, I launched the conscious brand Ipsilon Amore. And for the last two years, I have been the brand and marketplace manager for Green Is The New Black. I’m always looking for new opportunities.”

Do you embed your style within your work?

“My work allows me to do a lot of research to discover brands, of which many are emerging or soon-to-be big fashion houses. I travel a lot, and thanks to that, I discover new cultures, which allow me to develop my own culture and corresponding style. I am open to life and new experiences that influence my work. I love art and read many books; everything I undertake can fuel my sense of style. Furthermore, I love vintage markets and shops. I believe all clothes and items generally have a story, a life. If I buy a shirt in a vintage store, I give her a new life in a different style. Fashion can be a funny game!”

What’s the most inspiring place you’ve ever visited?

“It’s tough to answer with only one place… I have the opportunity to travel a lot for work, which makes it even harder to choose. However, Central America, Peru, and Mexico have greatly inspired me. There’s a lot of color in the mountains of Peru, and in Chiapas, Mexico, they work with special weaving techniques. Japan, Taiwan, and Indonesia also inspire me heavily.”

In what city or country do people dress best?

“I live in Paris, but you know I am Italian, so my answer is easy. In Italy, people have a culture of dressing well and having an inner sense of style.”

Who inspires your style?

“Life in general! Everything inspires my style daily. I can be inspired by people on the street, movies, paintings, books, clubs, music… everything.”

Who’s your favorite designer?

“From the past, Yves Saint Laurent was so chic, cool, sexy, and feminine. Currently, I’m obsessed with Phoebe Philo. And I think I don’t need to explain why.”

Which fashion show lives in your mind forever?

“Alexander McQueen’s spring/summer 2004 show was in 2003. It was a tribute to Pollack’s 1969 Western movie “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” The story behind the show centers around the Depression era. Overall, it was a spectacular show with dancers—a true masterpiece.”

In what outfit do you feel at your best?

“My favorite outfit is my cashmere turtleneck in black, black re/done jeans, and my Saint Laurent suede boots in black, with an oversized bomber jacket.”

What are your trend predictions for the year ahead? 

“I believe that fashion is like a circle; trends come back. As we saw in the last shows, we are returning to simplicity this new year. Demna’s collection for Balenciaga displayed in LA showed clothes that people can wear.”

What advice would you give others looking for a personal style?

“Please, make your style always with attention to the details; details can also be the color… pay attention to the little and simple things ;)… but be yourself! Be comfy in your clothes!”

How would you describe your ultimate styling hack? 

My ultimate style secret… Every morning, I ask myself how I want to feel today. I choose my look by answering that question.”


Studied Fashion Journalism Conde Nast College, London – Fashion Values: Economy University of the Art – London

Currently works as a freelance stylist and production manager—founder of The Eco Studio and Ipsilon Amore.