Elaine Hersby

Elaine Hersby is the Copenhagen-based label taking body movement very seriously

Elaine Hersby is the Copenhagen-based fashion label that takes body movement very, very seriously. Each design is created to enhance free movement, how feminine or sophisticated it may look like. And that doesn’t come entirely as a surprise, with a former professional gymnast as a founder. Combining talent, luck and hard work, Elaine Hersby is here to stay.
Cover photo: courtesy of Elaine Hersby

Elaine Hersby

Elaine Hersby is a name you might know from another field than fashion. That’s right: in a ‘previous life’, Hersby pursued a career in gymnastics. Those early years of performing on the highest possible level, have formed the basis of her eponymous fashion brand. Like no other, Hersby knows the importance of body movement. “I transformed my patience and dedication from gymnastics into a brand, it’s that determination to just go and make something happen,” she told ORDRE in 2016.

Becoming a designer hasn’t been easy for her, though. She was turned down not once, but twice by the Danish School of Design, after which she decided to study graphic design in Hawaii. Not a bad choice at all. After graduating, her discipline and great taste got Hersby a job at Henrik Vibskov and Acne Studios – not the least. Meanwhile, her own brand grew at high speed. Mainly due to her famous hoody dress, which has been a bestseller for years.

Sophistication and flexibility

As time passed by, her collections evolved into more sophisticated versions of previous pieces. Where Hersby started with luxury exercise wear, her current daywear still has this sense of athleisure, but solely when it comes to comfort and use of fabrics. Being able to move the body freely is Hersby’s number one focus point. Hence, everything Hersby does is with sustainability in mind, making in a brand to love for a lifetime.

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