resort spring/summer 2021

Discover the best of Resort Spring/Summer 2021

What do you design when the world is hit by a pandemic? An obvious thought is to fall back on what you already know. On something that feels safe and familiar. This rationale became very visible in almost every single Resort Spring/Summer 2021 collection. Overall, these collections felt like a redefinition of classics as we know today.
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Best of Resort Spring/Summer 2021

The women’s resort shows once served as a spectacle at which you would escape from today’s world. Preferably to a far, tropical and fairytale-like destination. However, things became different when the pandemic hit the world. It soon became clear that this summer’s Resort Spring/Summer 2021 got canceled, with all its consequences. It simply led designers to rethink the fashion calendar and the pace on which they produced new collections. Many were wondering whether resort collections would survive this pandemic. Hence, the spectacular character of the usual Resort shows was absent this year. Not only got the shows canceled, the collections were different and far less tropical as well. Rather, many creative directors decided to play it safe; they returned to classics. In line with this, they fell back on items that had already proven their success. Therefore, we’ve listed the biggest trends and the best of Resort Spring/Summer 2021 below.

1. Over the top prints

Make yourself the center of attention in Gucci’s or JW Anderson’s latest collections. Prints dominate their clothes, and will be doing so for the upcoming months. You need a bit of courage to wear a head to toe Gucci look, but hey – you’ve been inside for months. So why not?

2. Dominating knits

Knits are cosy, soft and not only relevant during winter. This must have been the thinking behind Daniel Lee’s collection for Bottega Veneta. Soft hues, a new it-color (a purple which isn’t lavender, but doesn’t have an alternative name either) and loosely knitted. Ideal for chill summer nights.

3. Feminine dresses

Both Petar Petrov and Erdem reconsidered the day-to-day dress. Why wouldn’t you if your life centers and will be centred around the house during the past and upcoming months? Therefore, their Resort Spring/Summer 2021 collections were packed with ultra feminine, yet comfortable dresses.

4. Classic gowns

A classic gown doesn’t only look great at a fancy resort, but works well at a dinner with friends as well. However, we have high hopes for parties in November. Who knows.

5. Medieval workwear

At last, Medieval workwear has made its comeback at Cecilie Bahnsen. From all-white patchwork outfits to romantic dresses and skirts. All spiced up with a little history.

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