jacquemus l'amour collection

Discover the Jacquemus L’Amour collection – a French fairytale

Simon Porte Jacquemus’ creativity seems to be limitless. Inviting one hundred guests to a runway show in times like these may sound senseless, but Jacquemus created a scenery in which it wasn’t. In the middle of typically French hay fields, he presented his L’Amour collection. As intimate as it was, the entire world followed his show live via a livestream. With this collection and show, the talented designer once again proved his abilities reach to the sky. For seventeen minutes, he created his own French fairytale: L’Amour. “For me, it is important for people to see that a true celebration of L’Amour is universal.
Cover photo: © Pexels

Jacquemus L’Amour collection

Jacquemus sells a dream. After his Fall/Winter 2020 went viral on the internet, he nailed it again. The thirty-year-old perfectly knows how to dress a modern woman, who likes strolling the city as much as relaxing at the Cote D’Azur. And the French Vexin Regional Natural Park formed the perfect location for showing this French dream. A 600 meters long runway paved its way through the mesmerizing hay fields, just an hour outside Paris.

The L’Amour collection is more than just a dream. The idea originated on the night of the lockdown, when the designer and dancer Alexander Ekman had an appointment. Despite all changes, the reference remained. His collection had to be about love and celebration, he explained before the show. “I imagined people gathered together celebrating love. Alexander Ekman’s choreography of wheat tossed passionately through the air. Emir Kursturica’s film, Time of the Gypsies with its enchanting realism. These scenes of ceremony large and small. But what’s so beautiful about L’Amour is how it can endure—sometimes even grow stronger—in the absence of people being together.” Therefore, he created a collection that perfectly fitted into the bubble everyone has been in over the past months, but then he added a festive twist to it. Call it a French countryside festival, call it a chic and romantic wedding – it was a party to watch.

The name of the collection – L’Amour – wasn’t just about celebrating love. Rather, it symbolized the love for his team, who couldn’t attend the show all together.

Since last year, Jacquemus started to show his womenswear and menswear together in one show, presented as one collection. “Deciding to go ahead with our usual collection schedule and with a show is at the heart of our visual identity, our commercial strategy. With this smaller collection, presented mainly to our family and friends, we bring our interior worlds out into the open, interpreting the humble fabrics and objects we live with that have their own poems to tell. Within the home, L’Amour reveals itself in small wonders. Separate but collectively, we realized that the home is a place of endless inspiration,” the designer explained.

The collection

When watching a setting like this, one would almost forget about the clothes. However, that’s nearly impossible when it comes to the L’Amour collection. His dresses evoked Southern France vibes, combined with the typically French nonchalance, also known as the je-ne-sais-quoi-attitude. The prints, fabrics and details were on point as well. Picasso like portrayals alternated leave prints and contrasting stitches. On top of this, the show was everything you’d wish for. It addressed nearly every topic dominating the fashion industry over the past years. From his alternative fashion calendar to diversity and inclusiveness.

After all, the celebration of L’Amour is universal. And Simon gets it like no other.

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