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Lonely Lingerie: a brand that strives for body acceptance across women

Lonely Lingerie deserves a permanent place on our list of ‘brands we love’. The lingerie and fashion label is there “for women who wear lingerie as a love letter to themselves”. Words to live by, according to founder Helene Morris. Read the full story below. 

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How it all started

In 2009, Helene Morris and Steve Ferguson founded Lonely Lingerie. Morris felt like she missed a true and straightforward lingerie brand, in a world dominated by Photoshopped and sexualized models and images, showing off the ‘perfect’ body. It was time to change the misconception many women had about their bodies.

More than lingerie; a brand with a mission

Lonely Lingerie is a brand with a true mission: to empower women, to create body acceptance and to make the wearer of the garment feel special and beautiful. Creating positive differences in female lives is the aim of the brand and therefore, their customers always form inspiration for new collections. Morris strives to make the wearers of Lonely feel more confident and self-aware in a positive way. “Rather wear your lingerie for yourself than a man.”


? Yumna al-arashi, capturing herself wearing the Bonnie Crop set .

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Lonely Girls – the redefinition of sexy

Not surprisingly, Lonely Lingerie campaigns with girls and women of all shapes and sizes, collected under the name ‘Lonely Girls’. These girls, portrayed in their own environment and without any retouching, can be seen as the redefinition of sexy. Amongst others, Lena Dunham and Jemina Kirke were at the start of this campaign.

With this unconventional approach, the brand depicts women wearing lingerie as they actually do in daily life. It goes against the objectification and instead empowers and exhibits true beauty with the aim to make women around the world feel a bit more liberated and less insecure.

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Right now, Lonely has grown to a well-known brand offering lingerie, swimwear and clothing. All made of fine materials and designed to make you feel beautiful, strong and confident. Take a look at the latest collection below.


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