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After hot girl summer, it’s time for cozy girl fall – and this is how to pull it off

Hot girl summer has made a place for a better version: cozy girl fall. Expect lots of layers, puffer materials, and – of course – some over-the-top coziness. It doesn’t get any better than this.
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Cozy girl fall

When you move from frappuccinos to pumpkin spice lattes, you know it’s about time to change your wardrobe. Real cold ones know that a winter jacket isn’t just a coat: it’s a means to make you survive winter. So, what to wear when you’re preparing for cozy girl fall? Let’s dig in.

The warmest jacket of all times

Forget form over function, this winter you go for the warmest jacket of them all. Think heavy knits, leady, shearling, and puffer; preferably the bigger the better.

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From left to right: Teddy coat EN OR via W Concepts, Striped fleece jacket FUNFROMFUN via W Concepts, Lizzy down ski jacket Bogner, Per Una padded longline coat via Marks & Spencer

Weather-proof boots

Nothing beats warm feet on the coldest days of the year. With a pair of Moon Boots, you’ll be all fine, but we understand if you want to opt for a more original pair. Luckily for you, most shoe brands offer knee-high alternatives that will keep your legs both cozy, and dry.

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Cozy knits

Nothing cozier than a knit to immerse yourself with. We prefer to wear it slightly oversized, or, even better: layered with another knit underneath. If you know, you know.

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Pants that keep you warm

The wide-leg jeans may look great, but don’t be fooled: they’re way too airy to wear on a winter day. Of course, you can pull them off combined with fleece leggings or 100 denier tights, but we’re talking cozy here. Better opt for a more comfortable variant as a stirrup or sweatpants.

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Fluffy shoes

Don’t forget about your feet when Netflix-browsing from your couch. Fluffy flip-flops were a big hit last summer and seem to move seamlessly from hot girl summer to cozy girl winter. We don’t complain.

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Show-stopping loungewear

At last, what’s life without a great set of loungewear? We recommend you invest in basics made from qualitative materials. Velvet, cashmere, fleece, and soft wool types keep you warm from wherever you are.

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