viral moments copenhagen fashion week

Copenhagen Fashion Week’s most viral moments spread an important message

It’s a wrap – Copenhagen Fashion Week has ended, but not without leaving the fashion world with a bunch of viral (meme-worthy!) fashion moments. Despite being fabulous and tapping into the needs of every fashion person, they serve a greater purpose.

Cover photo: (Di)vision

Viral moments Copenhagen Fashion Week

A Coperni knock-off at A.Roege Hove, Lisa Rinna at Rotate, an emotional speech at Latimmier, and shocking dystopic fashion moments at (Di)vision: Copenhagen Fashion Week left everyone with hard-to-forget moments, which will undoubtedly become part of modern fashion history. And that’s great because Dolce & Gabbana may have the means to hire Kim Kardashian as a creative director, but, despite the reinterpretation of many of their archive pieces, it didn’t have much to do with sustainability or creating a better fashion industry. On the contrary, all viral moments at CPHFW have exactly this detail in common.

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Minimum Standards

With eighteen Minimum Standards, Copenhagen Fashion Week leads by example. All participating fashion labels must comply to these standards to become part of the official schedule. These standards vary from strategic directions, including human rights, to design, material choices, and a zero waste show production. Brands that love to show but aren’t yet at the sustainable level needed to participate, get help from the Copenhagen Fashion Week organization. The Talent Programme furthermore supports young talents who wish to show as well but don’t have the means to do so. CPHFW NEWTALENT supported by Circulose®, is here to nurture, develop, and promote emerging Nordic talent globally. They help by offering funding, mentorship advisory, and more. Until now, it’s the only fashion week that supports emerging talent this way.

Hence, this CPHFW edition marked the fifth time the Zalando Sustainability Award was handed to an upcoming designer. The prize, consisting of € 20.000 and a collaboration with Zalando, was won by Stamm. The Danish fashion label showed how puffer jackets and other ‘polluting’ fashion items could be made sustainably, with the potential to change fashion for good.

(Di)vision’s message

‘We created this moment because we wanted to do something that went viral,’ tells Simon Wick, co-founder of (Di)vision, to Vogue Business after their tablecloth-dress moment went viral. And it’s not about ego and solely attracting more attention to the brand: ‘After the Coperni show last year that went crazy, it inspired us to see how we could create something that speaks to our culture and fits the brand story, to build more awareness internationally. Being from Copenhagen and showing here, sometimes you’re not getting your voice heard worldwide.’ And their voice being heard worldwide is essential, since it puts Copenhagen Fashion Week on the map globally.

With its sustainable approach to everything they do, from whom they work with to the Minimum Standards, Copenhagen Fashion Week leads by example, and it’s clear that Mian, Paris, New York, and London should be taking notes.