Brand we love – how NYNNE perfectly blends female empowerment, sustainability and eccentric styles

As life passes by in a fast pace, season after season and year after year, there still are brands that make you want to slow down. And we’re very thankful for that. NYNNE is such a brand. As soon as you know the label, you won’t shop anywhere else for eccentric yet clean designs. We guarantee you’ll be hooked to the surprising details, powerful lines and long forgotten craftsmanship.
Cover photo: © NYNNE


Creative director Nynne Kunde is a fresh face to the fashion industry. Since she started the brand, things have gone fast. In 2018, Kunde won the Womenswear Designer of the Year. For the record: this was her graduation year as well. Soon after, she got scouted for Vancouver Fashion Week and had to create twenty looks in a killer pace. May it be clear that Kunde is a woman to keep an eye on; at least that’s what she has shown over the past years.


Powerful style

NYNNE’s collections have a focus on craft and develop around the idea that women need to feel confident and powerful. Kunde explained to Rough Magazine: “I have always had a love of women who are fighting for what they want and I always look at the suit aspect; the women in politics and how they dress, so, I wanted to design dresses that still have the power of a tailored suit.

On top of this, Kunde keeps in mind the different shapes and sizes of women – since no body is similar. Her true classic item, the Diana Dress, fits almost everybody due to its elastic waistline. Furthermore, NYNNE’s items should last a lifetime. Kunde designs according the philosophy “less is more”, implying she will only do main fashion seasons. On top of this, many garments include possible alterations for restyling. Tired of a certain silhouette? Then you simply make use of the alteration option instead of throwing it away.


Scandinavia versus London

The clean lines of every piece are derived from Scandinavian aesthetics, while combined with London’s vibrant vibes. Both cities are known for their innovativeness and that’s being translated to Kunde’s designs as well. For example, she used micro-fibre fabrics for her Diana Dress. It’s a fabric easy to clean, it won’t soak any moist or dirt. There’s a story behind the combination of these cities as well. Kunde grew up in Copenhagen, but moved to London when she was nineteen. Up there, she became the creative grown-up she is today. It’s safe to say that the city has formed her as a designer. At Istituto Marangoni (London), she met people from all over the world and got intrigued by their different styles. It made her own style more eccentric and less ‘Danish’. However, the clean lines of every item betray her origins; in a good way.


Nynne will be showing during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

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