bottega veneta pre-fall 2023

The hype around Bottega Veneta’s pre-fall 2023 collection is real and completely legit

“The lord of leather” hyped HighSobiety about the Bottega Veneta pre-fall 2023 collection. And these words do nothing but justice to the label’s recently launched collection.
Cover photo: courtesy of Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta pre-fall 2023

French fries from a leather woven Bottega Veneta basket? Yes, please! Fans are raving about the Bottega Veneta pre-fall 2023 collection, as they should. Once again, the Italian fashion house proves to be on top of its game regarding leather goods and great taste. With the departure of Daniel Lee, people in the know expected the hype around the house to be over soon, but Matthieu Blazy soon proved everyone wrong. Since he joined the brand in 2020, he has produced hit after hit, with the Sardine bag being one of fashion influencers’ all-time favorites.

For the house’s pre-fall 2023 season, creative director Matthieu Blazy experiments with the leather weaving technique “Intrecciato”, crafting jeans and over-knee boots. But that’s not all; Blazy takes this leather-weaving technique very seriously and implements it into the smallest details. Last February, models walked the runway wearing socks – leather socks, to be clear. To repeat Highsnobiety’s words: Matthieu Blazy indeed shows Bottega Veneta is still the “lord of leather” and will stand solely at the top for an undetermined period of time. That is until Daniel Lee takes revenge with this design for Burberry. But so far, no competition has caught up with Blazy’s creations.