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Bianca Gregg’s Del Moment shares an important message

‘Our intention and why we began this journey is what we stayed true to,’ says Bianca Gregg, founder and creative director of Del Moment. Defined by the notion of time, Del Moment celebrates the wearer—reminding us of moments that mark what we’ve achieved and welcome possibilities for the direction we are about to take. In a conversation with Gregg, she tells TT about the label’s purpose and the importance of being kind. 
Cover photo: courtesy of Del Moment

Del Moment

Del Moment was envisioned, founded, and formed from the intention of pure transparency, education, and an unwavering passion to push the boundaries of current practices to set a new standard. ‘This was our mission, commitment, and promise when Del Moment began, and from these strong standards, every decision for Del Moment was made,’ explains Bianca Gregg, founder and creative director of Del Moment. ‘We never strayed from this, despite several challenges we encountered trying to achieve the sustainable standard we set ourselves because our intention and why we began this journey is what we stayed true to. We are driven to ignite change in our industry; Del Moment is intent on redefining the way we dress and how the pieces in our wardrobe came to be. Defined by the notion of time, Del Moment celebrates the wearer—reminding us of moments that mark what we’ve achieved and welcome possibilities for the direction we are about to take.’

This commitment has shaped Del Moment in every way from the ground up; their fabric choices from only sustainable fibers that have a strong impact both environmentally and socially from their creation to end use, the dyeing process ensuring that we only use GOTS-certified dyes and even the trims are responsibly sourced and made from recycled or sustainable materials, packaging which is biodegradable and manufacturing locally in Australia. Gregg: ‘Making locally in Australia is challenging with limited resources here, but we are committed to reinvigorating this and our local suppliers. We researched and planned for 18 months behind the scenes to ensure the launch standard showed the importance of sustainability in both practice and product, resulting in a high level of transparency for the customer. When you make this commitment and want to do it right, not just scratching the surface, but the entire supply chain, there are extra challenges and hurdles to face.’

But hard work pays off. Del Moment is a front-runner regarding sustainability – without compromising on form. The latter is something Gregg is passionate about: ‘An area that showcases the essence of Del Moment is our Style-By-Style Journey on every single product available, where we document every step of the process from conception to finalized product. This details our sustainable choices and craftsmanship of Del Moment. This shaped the brand’s radical transparency and builds intrinsic value in our product while educating the DM community.’

Redefining value

All of the above lends to storytelling. There’s a lot to communicate – and Del Moment wants to connect with their community on many levels. ‘We believe that with vulnerability comes strength, with transparency comes power, and we hope to pass this onto the wearer.’ But the story didn’t start with Del Moment – it all began with Del Rainbow, a fashion agency and sustainability consultancy company, working with brands with intention and many of the largest retailers worldwide. Gregg started Del Rainbow after working in the fashion industry for twelve years. She didn’t align with the traditional way of brand representation she had experienced throughout agencies; Gregg noticed this wasn’t changing and was a constant narrative. She found a lack of care and passion for the brands and, more importantly, the people behind them. She explains: ‘This was, and still is, my biggest inspiration in Del Rainbow. Del Rainbow all started from wanting to do better for brands, to show the love and care needed, and build great personal relationships along the way.’ Leading every moment with passion and authenticity and driving outcomes for others are the most important parts for her. ‘I am very passionate, and nothing gives me more joy than to be a part of someone’s growth and success and seeing their true value. I wanted to ensure that brands experienced authentic care and love, where their management truly ‘sees’ who they are and supports them for this reason.’

Del Moment was a logical next step since Gregg and her team were hungry to cultivate and ignite change in the industry while educating themselves profoundly in sustainable practices. They wanted to meet the challenges and show themselves what can be done. ‘We noticed that the whole process needed to create a sustainable garment was rarely considered or shown to the customer, and Del Moment was created to share this and educate. We acknowledge our privilege to enter this space with our expertise and experience. Witnessing what has been done before and what has been accepted has led us to consciously resist these problematic practices and begin to set a new standard. Redefining value was key: how do we invest in a brand, ourselves, and our future selves.’

Success on her terms

Bianca Gregg is known as a woman who holistically approaches entrepreneurship. So, what is her version of success? It’s simple: joy. ‘Following the joy in each step of the process and feeling joy in what I am doing is what I define as success. This also stems from understanding ‘why’ I do what I do. I know my purpose and ‘why’ is to connect with others and cultivate change by connecting them to a story that will have impact and meaning. I like to funnel everything back to human connection, making me feel like I have succeeded.  I always stop to celebrate and reflect on each amazing moment. I also love to celebrate others, and when I do this, it gives me joy and refocus on the greater outcome. I am a very free-flowing individual, so no matter how busy we are or how long the hours we have worked, I will always abruptly stop (usually, it involves stopping the whole team to join the moment of reflection or be acknowledged for how great they each are) and ensure that moment has been given time of love, gratitude, and acknowledgment to both the experience and the individuals who made it possible. When I acknowledge the beauty in others, I feel joy. That re-aligns me and creates a feeling of gratitude in each moment. We often get so caught up in chasing success as a bigger picture, but individual moments can be a success.’

A peek into the future 

There’s a lot of denim-on-denim on Gregg’s mood board, as well as ‘waves, sparkles, fries, and so many different quotes – and, not to forget, lots of colors.’ However, she still pays homage to her first design: the Wave Shirt, which ultimately became the hero piece and a core element to Del Moment’s DNA. ‘The Wave Shirt embodies all that Del Moment stands for, from an energetic purpose to an all-encompassing sustainable notion. It was the first piece that came to me in a dream, that was drawn, and every step of the process to create Del Moment was built from bringing this piece to life.’ As our conversation ends, it’s almost an open door to ask what mantra Gregg lives by. ‘Be kind, kinder, kindest,’ she ends with.