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Meet the brand director behind the most-wanted coat of the season

aliciaaudrey coat worn by model

Discover everything you need to know about Alicia Meus’ and Audrey Joriscoat label ALICIAAUDREY. We spoke to Meus, who successfully dedicates her life to creating the perfect coat.
Cover photo: © Alicia Audrey


ALICIAAUDREY is not just a new fashion brand you need to know of. Under the helm of brand director and co-founder Alicia Meus, the label is known for its timeless cashmere reversible coats for women. Crisp, warm and above all super soft, the coats form the perfect base for every all seasons wardrobe.

Founding a brand by coincidence

Let’s start right at the beginning. Aliciaaudrey started as a “coincidence” and as “a fun idea that got a little bit out of hand“. Alicia Meus explained: “Audrey, my friend, and I were both studying abroad in Asia and we met up while travelling. We discovered a workshop where we could choose fabrics and create clothes. It is here where we created our first reversible coat.” Well, if that isn’t a great start of a conversation. We spoke to Alicia Meus about the development of their brand, why timeless items are fundamental to every wardrobe and how to run a label.

Tell us more about the idea behind the reversible coat.

Alicia Meus: “We started to rethink the idea and shaped it into a mono-product concept where I felt comfortable to explore more about the product and fashion industry. Since then I started teaming up with student designers, artists and design professionals to bring ideas to life and create pieces that you wish to keep, make you happy every day & wear on anything. An ALICIAAUDREY is a transition piece, a timeless piece to transition you trough the seasons. An ALICIAAUDREY can be an outfit, an accessory, a look and comfort.

An ALICIAAUDREY is a transition piece, a timeless piece to transition you trough the seasons.

Alicia Meus

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Sources of inspiration

Your brand is about the simplicity of life. Why is this so important for you?

AM: “Life can be very simple… I wake up, I put on my day pyjamas, my chapstick, my favorite 19-69, my ALICIAAUDREY and ready to go for coffee, meet friends, an exhibition. As easy I can dress to go out to a classy evening all dressed up with my ALICIAAUDREY and no stress. Feel good in what you wear any moment and when dressed well you feel better.

And what is or has been your biggest source of inspiration?

AM: “The biggest inspiration behind the brand is a lifestyle, full of people, places, colors, fabrics, moments, comfort, essentials, art combined with own collection pieces that we use as starting point for the development of a new style for the brand.”

The magic of a great coat

When looking at your incredible designs, we started wondering: why solely coats?

AM: “I am creating only coats at the moment until we are ready to explore more. I feel there is still such a way to go within outerwear. It has become a specialty because of the decision to stay focused. It allows you to rethink the pieces and be the “coat” brand. My goal is to specialize more and shape the ideal outerwear wardrobe to transition you through each season. In this outerwear wardrobe there is also room for accessories. We launch our first wool hat in November. Next we will start exploring with new materials next to wool and cashmere.

At the end of our interview Meus adds: “A coat finishes off a look, it can be an outfit, and it is comfort, a feel good item, an item you keep.” Amen.

Buy yourself an ALICIAAUDREY item at their webshop or check out Meus’ Instagram account for samples and archive items.

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