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Paris Haute Couture Week update #2 – Chanel, Alexandre Vauthier and Givenchy

Paris Haute Couture Week is one of fashion’s most fun weeks of the year. It causes a revision of the way in which many view the fashion industry and makes questions like “is fashion art?” pop-up your mind. Because of its mesmerizing appeal, great talents and trend-forcasting power, we’re happy to update you about the best shows and designers. Today: Chanel, Alexandre Vauthier and Givenchy.

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Paris Haute Couture Week

Paris Haute Couture Week of one of the most precious Fashion Weeks of the year and therefore deserves a first place on the list of Fashion Week schedules. Big gowns, pretty accessories and over-the-top craftsmanship will be the talk of town.

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Virginie Viard’s haute couture presentation for Chanel was an over-the-top romantic experience. The setting and collection were based on Coco Chanel’s youth, in which she was sent to the convent of Aubazine in a remote French region. This automatically meant that Chanel would be surrounded by girls and women dressed in black and white – two colors she would later use to dress the world’s most wealthy women.

The strict nuns taught little Chanel to sew and – against all expectations – she actually liked it. No one would have thought tough, that she would be doing this for a living. In honor of Chanel’s youth and as an inspiration for her new haute couture collection, Viard traveled to the convent last September. Viard recreated the garden as the decor of her show and based the collection on the uniforms of the little girls; even including black ankle boots with white built-in socks.

While Karl Lagerfeld would’ve hated it, Viard loved it. Viard used many details of the convent girls, like embroideries, shapes and lengths of their dresses. However, it was totally Chanel-worthy. Soft pastels were accompanied by clean cuts and smooth lines. It felt very Chanel, very haute couture and very authentic.

With this collection, Viard demonstrates once again that she’s very capable of bringing Chanel to a higher level. Where Lagerfeld paid homage to Coco Chanel in an entire different way, Viard likes to focus on the more hidden details of her life. Naturally, she merges these influences with a touch of timelessness and a hint of 2020. And this exactly proves Viard’s success.

Alexandre Vauthier

Fans of Le Tuxedo, eat your heart out. Just like last year, Alexandre Vauthier proved himself of being the right designer to create made-to-measure suits. But that wasn’t all: Vauthier showed how he understands the modern woman. Exciting dresses with cut-outs, over the top chiffon chiffon, many sequins, alienating head pieces and leather pants were all very red carpet-worthy.

However, Vauthier also keps the fashionable business woman in mind. His suits might need a bit of different styling, but are very suitable for fancy work-related parties. The off-white suit Bella Hadid wore at the end, could even be worn by a casual yer stylish bride.

The fashion-forward details were in the accessories. Like stated above, the head pieces were alienating, just like the sunglasses. They added a lot of glitter and over-the-top glamour to the festive but preserved collection. Vauthier once again proved he thoroughly understands today’s modern women.


Claire Waight Keller might be one of the best things that happened to Givenchy – or should we say to the entire fashion industry? This feminist pur sang doesn’t only design with the modern woman in mind, she’s also capable of translating Givenchy’s heritage into modern eye catchers. Whether you can afford them or not, they’re a party to look at. The show started off with a violin ensemble. Violinists were placed on seats linked to pillars, creating a magical environment and atmosphere.

In line with the surroundings, Waight Keller combined Givenchy’s signature with true couture worthy craftsmanship. After the perfectly tailored suits, followed a couple of ‘headline’ outfits. Adut Akech entered the runway covered in an artistic top, reminding of Iris van Herpen’s pieces we saw yesterday.

The big hats were very couturesque as well, yet the simple white suits made the hearts of every bride (to be) beat faster. And then we haven’t even talked about the amazing wedding ensemble. Who else than Kaia Gerber could have been the queen of the wedding? Well, Adut Akech could’ve been too. The crisp white would have looked amazing on her gorgeous skin. Perhaps Waight Keller will think about it next season. Despite this, the bridal outfit was nothing but a dream. We bet many women around the world can’t stop thinking about it. Can we please get an invitation to the lucky one wearing this perfect piece?

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