old money aesthetic fashion trend seen at bottega veneta runway

Nepotism at its finest? Exploring the ‘Old Money Aestetic’ popularity in modern times

The ‘Old Money Aesthetic’ is a fashion trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years. This style is all about classic, timeless elegance and sophistication. This trend is characterized by focusing on quality over quantity, emphasizing well-tailored pieces made from luxurious fabrics. But is that a good thing, actually?
Cover photo: courtesy of Bottega Veneta

Rise of the Old Money Aesthetic

Recently, TikTok has played a crucial role in the rise of popularity of the ‘Old Money Aesthetic’ fashion trend. TikTok’s emphasis on creativity and self-expression has also made it a natural fit for the trend, with users finding new and innovative ways to incorporate ‘Old Money’ elements into their outfits. The platform’s viral appeal and user-generated content have become a driving force behind the aesthetic’s continued popularity, particularly among younger audiences.

At its core, the ‘Old Money Aesthetic’ is about creating a look that exudes wealth and class without being flashy or ostentatious. It’s not just another TikTok core; it instead is a style that’s inspired by the fashion of the upper class from the early 20th century. Think of style icons like Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, and Grace Kelly. The trend celebrates traditional fashion values, emphasizing investing in timeless pieces that will last for years to come. It’s a style that values quality over quantity, with an appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into creating beautiful, well-made garments. So far, so good.

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Nepo baby allure

The ‘Old Money Aesthetic’ trend has also been popularized by celebrities, including Sofia Richie, who has rapidly become known for her classic and sophisticated style – her recent wedding played a big role in her stardom. Sofia, the daughter of famous musician Lionel Richie, often wears well-tailored blazers, silk scarves, and pearl earrings, which have become signature elements of her ‘Old Money’ look. Other celebrities, such as Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid, have also embraced this trend, further cementing its popularity in the fashion world. With its timeless elegance and classic appeal, the ‘Old Money Aesthetic’ trend will remain a favorite among fashion enthusiasts for years to come.

While the ‘Old Money Aesthetic’ trend has its charms, some have criticized it for being exclusive and elitist. With Richie as the figurehead, it’s easy to conclude that the trend is just another nepo baby aesthetic, not accessible to everyone for many.

However, the trend’s popularity in modern times can be viewed as a logical response to the fast fashion industry’s negative impact on the environment and workers’ rights. Consumers are becoming more conscious of the consequences of their buying habits and are looking for ways to invest in sustainable, long-lasting fashion. The ‘Old Money Aesthetic’ trend offers an alternative to the fast fashion industry, encouraging consumers to invest in quality over quantity and emphasizing the value of craftsmanship and timeless elegance, and to think twice before buying new trends. In a world where fast fashion dominates, the ‘Old Money Aesthetic’ trend can be seen as a refreshing change of pace, offering a more sustainable and conscious approach to fashion. That is until the trend gets adopted by SHEIN and consorts.

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