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Looking for the fashion in-crowd’s best-kept styling hacks, most-cherished vintage treasures, or favorite trends of the moment? We’ve prigged their answers… Today, MIKI SUI CHEUNG, content creator and art director, shares her STYLING SECRETS. Cover image: courtesy of Miki Sui Cheung

“I was a tomboy as a child, only interested in sports,” Miki Sui Cheung remembers fondly. The Miami-based renowned content creator and art director never thought she would end up in fashion. However, in the past years, brands have been in line to work with her due to her feminine style, with a touch of edginess. 

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“My parents didn’t have much growing up. I remember my dad bought me a used bike, and we would go bike riding for hours. You’d always find me with my family at the park or the beach. One day, my mom bought me two cute feminine tulle dresses in second or third grade. I had never owned such a dress; I thought they were too abundant. They had these flower appliques, lace, and cute little bows on them. I felt very pretty when I wore the dresses to school, though. But because I was a tomboy, I ran all over the playground in them.” It shaped how she felt about fashion –discovering fashion’s ability to make the wearer feel special and “give you an extra bounce in your step.” 

How would you describe your way of dressing today? Do any traces of your Tomboy era remain?

“I have days where I love to feel feminine and glamorous. I feel most like myself when I incorporate something casual, sporty, or masculine, especially daily. I love pieces that have a unique sculptural element. For me, pieces with good structure and tailoring always look more expensive and luxurious.”

Do you view fashion as a form of self-expression or art?

“Both. I love items that make a statement, and I like to find ways to incorporate them into my daily life to express my sense of style. Life is short. Wear the special dress, earrings or whatever it is whenever you want to. Don’t wait for a special occasion.”

What’s currently on your mood board? 

“My mood board is a mix of sculpture, structure, and femininity. I’m a sucker for statement heels. I have JW Anderson’s bubble heels, Magda Butrym floral heels, Loewe rose heels, and even Prada crystal embellished heels from over ten years ago in my closet.”

Miki Sui Cheung

And on your wish list?

“I have some items that got away on my wish list. The Loewe silver bow heels and Jacquemus’ silver clutch are items I sat on and regret not purchasing immediately. The jewelry and a blazer from Schiaparelli are on my wish list, as are the A.W.A.K.E Mode cropped jacket with skirt trousers and Prada’s floral embellished skirts.”

What’s the most inspiring place you’ve ever visited?

“This is a difficult question to answer because so many places inspire me. Japan would be at the top of my list. It’s a country with so much history, art, amazing food, and incredible views. They do things very spiritually and intentionally.”

Would you say that’s where people dress best?

“Well, Tokyo has the most creative street style. I lived in Japan for a year, and the people there are so self-expressive. Living there really influenced how I look at fashion and style. They are masters of mixing textures and layering. However, Milan has some of the best-dressed people I’ve seen.”

Who’s your favorite designer?

“Miuccia Prada with Raf Simmons for Prada, Kim Jones with Silvia Venturi Fendi for Fendi, and Pierpaolo Piccoli for Valentino. At Prada, collections are always infused with a form of function and art. Prada designs with intention and functionality in mind. There’s always something you can wear that is current yet timeless at the same time. Furthermore, I love everything Kim Jones creates for Fendi. His designs are feminine and modern with a bit of an edge. I have also loved his color choices this season. I’ve been a fan of Valentino Garavani before Pierpaolo Piccoli took the helm, but I love the elegance and modern touch he has added to the label. The color combinations are genius as well.”

In what outfit do you feel at your best? 

“I love wide-leg denim, an oversized blazer, a cropped t-shirt, chunky jewelry, and heels.”

What’s the most cherished item in your wardrobe? 

“Other than my wedding dress, it might be between the Pierpaolo Pink floral V-logo Valentino bag or my red Hermès coat. Both items hold special memories.”

Miki Sui Cheung

What are your trend predictions for the year ahead? 

“I do believe people will adopt trends that suit them. Micro shorts might not suit everyone, but they remain a hot trend. I love the high-waisted pleated trouser micro shorts that you would have seen from Prada Spring/ Summer 2024, with a high-cut leg. The 2024 Pantone Peach will likely be adopted by many. I don’t think many people will wear full outfits in peach, but they will incorporate it in their wardrobe, bags, shoes, or accessories. Kitten heels and embellished ballet flats are a huge hit. While not everyone will want to wear them to dinner, they will be a go-to for running errands or casual coffee dates with friends. Quiet luxury will remain popular, too. Many people are brand loyal, so you will still have logos here and there, but it’ll be more subtle.”

What advice would you give others looking for a personal style?

“Spend on quality, not quantity. When adopting new colors and trends, start with something that could fit with your wardrobe and can be worn in multiple ways. Always go for a silhouette and cut that flatters your own body.

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